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Finding Hope After Losing a Child

The pain of losing a loved one is already difficult, but losing a child is another level of heartache. For the parents, the grief is incomparable. Some would even lose hope, and purpose, and would feel like they will carry with them the pain for the rest of their lives.

If you have experienced this, understand that your pain is valid. Take your time to grieve and don’t force healing on yourself because sometimes it does take time. You can create a memory with Urns for Ashes and hold on to it to honor your child. However, some parents who lost their children may not know the next steps that they need to take. We’re here to share with you some of the ways that can help you go on with life amidst this trial. There is hope and everything happens for a reason.


Be with your family.

In this difficult moment, be with your family members and stick together. You can always lean on each other for help and support. You will also be reminded that you are not alone and that though you lost a loved one, you still have your family who loves you and is there for you.


Have a memorial space for your departed child in your house.

A memorial space at home is an area you dedicate for your departed loved one to honour and remember him. There you can put his cremation urn, keepsake materials and decorations. Others include a portrait or a photograph board where a montage of your photos with your loved one is displayed. You can design the memorial space according to your preference as well. You can start by identifying the kind of urn or vessel you want for your child’s cremains. For child cremation urns or keepsake ashes urns, there are metal, wood, crystal/glass, and eco-friendly urns available in the market. They are also designed to match a child-like spirit—from their bright colours, and cute shapes, to the prints of their favourite cartoon characters. Some are even shaped like a football, a star, or a heart.


Seek professional help.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional help. You don’t need to get through this alone. In situations where your family may not be able to be present for you as they are also suffering on their own, you can seek professional help for yourself and for your family. You can undergo family counselling as this will provide you with the skills you need to get through this difficult time.


Stay away from negative people and those who refuse to understand you.

Avoid the people who rush you into moving on. As mentioned above, you should take your time when you need it. We all cope with trials differently. Instead of being with those people who won’t be able to help you, surround yourself with a company of support. These are the people who understand you by heart. They are the ones who are willing to help you and be present for you.


Use creative outlets.

Journaling, drawing, painting, and song writing are some of the ways you can express your grief. This is because these creative outlets can help you understand your feelings. You can share this with your loved ones as well so they can do this when they are down.

If you also believe in a Supreme Being, it will be extremely helpful when you put your hope in Him and ask for His comfort, peace, and wisdom in this difficult moment. You will also have the assurance that your child is taken care of by the hands of a more powerful being.