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What to Do With the Ashes After Cremation

There are many reasons why people choose cremation over traditional burial. This includes environmentalism, religious acceptance, affordability, and simplicity. However, some people only know a thing or two on what to do with the ashes after cremation.

Here’s a guide or options to choose from after cremation.

1. Burial

Just because the body was cremated, doesn’t mean the cremains cannot be buried. The family can always choose to bury the remains along with the urn if they wish. You can even do this on your own private property. There are biodegradable urns you can choose from so you’ll have a much safer choice for the environment.

2. Turning cremains into jewellery

You also have an option to infuse your loved one’s cremains in jewelleries such as bracelet urns, ashes pendants uk, earrings, and rings. All you need is a tiny portion of the ashes. This way, family members can also have a portion of the ashes to infuse in their jewelleries.

3. Scattering the ashes

Another option that you can do for the ashes is to scatter them. You can do this as you hold a memorial service for your departed loved one. You can do this at the sea, parks, or any location that allows you to scatter the ashes.

4. Burying the ashes in the garden

While the first option is burial of the cremains along with the urn, this option is burying the ashes directly to your garden—without the urns for ashes. This is also a more personal option as your loved one’s ashes can now be closer to you. You can create a special spot of the exact location you bury the ashes.

5. Planting a tree with the ashes

You can also plant a tree with your loved one’s remains. All you need to do is mix the ashes with the soil. This is a beautiful symbol of life. Just because your loved one passed away, doesn’t mean they will no longer be alive in our hearts. If you also plant the tree near you, whenever you see it, you will always be reminded of your loved one.

6. Memorial tattoo

One way to honour your departed loved one is getting a tattoo of him. There are tattoo artists that mix the cremains with ink to make a beautiful memorial tattoo of your loved one. Rest assured that this is safe. The cremated ashes were burned at temperatures over 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit, which virtually eliminates the chance of infection.

7. Keeping the ashes in an urn

This option is one of the most common ones. You can keep your loved one’s ashes in Cremation urn and display it in your home. There are many styles, shapes, and designs of urns to choose from. You can first decide whether you would want a decorative urn or a traditional urn. A traditional urn is the vase-looking urn that we’re usually more familiar with, while a decorative urn can be discreet. The types of urns can also include adult urns, child cremation urns, keepsake urns, pet urns, and sculpture urns.

It’s comforting that we are not only limited to one or two options when it comes to handling our departed loved one’s ashes. Having many options can help us choose which one is the best to keep our memories with our loved ones alive.