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After placing the remains of our loved ones in a scattering tube for ashes, and bid our last goodbye to them. There are still other things that we want to have in this lifetime. And sometimes, it frustrates us to get those things. It is like how we deal with our grief. We want to make sure that we are doing okay even if we are not. 

One of these things that frustrate us is how to move on from grieving. It is the hardest part of losing someone significant in our lives. It is even more painful if they are the rock with which we get our strength. But what makes our grieving worse, and how do we overcome it?

Here are some of the reasons why the feeling of grief becomes worst and other things we can do to overcome them:

  • Grieving Alone

  • The feeling of losing a loved one is an isolating experience that makes us want to be alone. But it sometimes causes us to prolong the agony we feel. It is common to people who are living alone. And it also triggers our mental, physical and emotional health. 

    We need to take care of our bodies and minds. To do this, we need to talk to a friend about what is going on in our minds. Share with them how you feel so you can get advice on how you can deal with it. You may also look for new things that will help you find your peace and healing. 

  • We care so much for our loved ones that we forget ourselves.

  • When we want to take care of our loved ones- making sure that they are doing well in times of grieving, we often set aside our feelings. It is not faulty to look after the people we love, but we also need to balance things. We need to care for ourselves before we can look for other people's welfare. 

    If we care too much about someone else and forget ourselves, we might get sick and lose our focus. We need to remember that we can't give others what we don't have. We need to balance things. We should take care of both ourselves and our loved ones. 

  • You are closing your doors for suggestions. 

  • When the pain still lingers in us, we don't want to hear any suggestions from other people or any family members. We only listen to ourselves and think that everything we do is the right thing. Even if it already caused so much, we won't mind at all because we close our minds to care for other people. 

    But we need to know that sometimes the suggestion of other people will help us get through the process of grieving. Trying out their suggestions or talking to them will help us with what we feel. It doesn't mean that we take all their advice if it does not apply to us. Take what you think will help you. 

  • Your Work

  • They say that we can't mix work with our problems at home. But when things are not doing fine at work, and you are still grieving the loss of your loved ones, you might lose focus and blame it on your emotions. There are times that things won't go at work. And we feel empty because the person we want to talk to about everything we do at work is gone. 

    The situation you have at work will affect your grieving process. It is sometimes the cause why your grieving worsens than you expected. To overcome this, you need to ask your boss for leave to take a rest and refresh your mind. You go on a quick vacation alone or with your family. It will help you meditate on things and find peace. 

  • You are still in denial about the situation.

  • The grief becomes worse when you are still in denial about losing someone you loved. You refuse to see the reality and stay in the world that you create in your mind. It is normal to deny how we feel because it is part of processing our grief. But it is unhealthy to prolong the pain with denial. 

    We need to see the reality of life. For us to surpass grief, we need to brace ourselves with bravery in overcoming these matters. The more we don't want to accept it, the more pain will hunt us. Acceptance doesn't happen overnight. We need to go through its process. 

    We all go through this kind of situation sometimes. If there is a need to ask for help or advice from a friend or loved one, don't hesitate to do it. Don't grieve alone because your loved ones want you to be comforted. They don't want to see you carrying the pain alone. Deep thoughts and pain are easily dealt with when you have someone you can talk to about it.