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We often hear the word cremation with human bodies. But we often hear the word cat cremation because we usually bury our fur babies as it is. We did not think of cremating their bodies. It is because we are not used to it. Cat cremation is something that most of us have not heard of and have not done with our fur babies. 

We can do cremation for our cats and other pets to have their ashes be placed in either an urn or a keepsake that we can wear every day. If we want to keep them with us even though they are no longer around physically, the essence of having a keepsake will help us feel them. Though things may change but with the love you have for your cat will never change. It goes the same as it was before. 

That is something that will last for a lifetime. Something that you can treasure and can't be stolen away from you. And you can share this love you have with other fur babies that need love. Even though you lost your cat, many things in the world will make you remember that you are loved more than anyone else. Moments that you have shared with your cat are your guiding light to brighter days ahead. 

Any other cat in the world can not replace your fur baby. They may have the same colour, size and breed, but the bond you have with your cat can not be replaced by anyone else-it is special. You can cry as much as you want because you miss them. Though other people may not understand what you are going through, allow yourself to cry to release all the pain you have inside. It is normal for fur parents to mourn for their lost baby. 

You don't have the approval of others for you to mourn for your cat. They are living things, and they are the companion that makes you smile when you are sad. The strength that you need when you are tired from work. And a good listener when no one wants to hear your thoughts. When they pass away, you don't want to be away from them because they become part of you that you don't want to live without. 

They hear your thoughts even though you are not speaking with them. They know that you are sad because they know too well not to be able to feel it. Other people may think that they are only animals and you need to be treated like one. But for you, they're your family. And without them by your side, you are incomplete. You feel empty and lonely. 

You will miss them because they are loving and stubborn at the same time. But your cats are not who they are if they are not present. You love them along with their flaws. The things that other people do not understand. They don't feel the pain when cats get sick or cry. It is because they have not experienced these things yet first-hand. But for you, like a fur parent, it is not easy to see them suffer in pain because it pains you as well. You want to take all the pain to see them okay. 

  • Share the love you had with them.

Healing is the process that needs to be taken to take on the next level of our journey. If you have overflowing love for your cat and you no longer have anything to pour it on, you can share it with other animals that need your love and attention. The love and care you share with these animals will never be wasted because they know how to pay gratitude. And they will love you back. You don't need to worry that things will be one-sided. 

They will return to you the love that you have given to them. When you grow to know them and care for them, they will become loyal to you and will care for you too. In that way, all your efforts in giving them love and care will not go to waste. They are of gold to them. They know that you are essential in their lives.

  • Be honest with your feelings to your family and friends.

Often people don't want to share the things they have inside their hearts because they don't want to be judged or don't want to be a burden to other people. But if you can no longer bear the pain, you can look for people or someone you can talk to so as not to end up being alone and sad. You don't need to fix things by yourself. You can always ask for help from people you trust. Seeking a companion after losing your cat is not easy, especially when you are an independent person who is already satisfied in the solitude of having a cat in your home. 

But if you need to have someone to tell what you have inside and you can no longer bear the pain and missing, you can talk to your friends, family members or visit a psychiatrist to help you release the emotions you have. Even though we love to share our overflowing love and care for other animals, we are not in good shape in giving them and we might end up hurting ourselves. We need to know a good diversion of our pain before sharing our overflowing love with others.