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Valuing a person means you need to respect their perspective and traditions in life. Thus, you need to know the things that make them happy and sad so that you will have a harmonious relationship with the person. It goes the same with the people who are grieving. People who grieve for their loved ones have their way of doing it, and visitors are expected to obey the rules, especially when the remains of their loved ones are placed in a glass urn.

It does not mean that when the remains of a person are placed in an urn. You don't need to go in front and pay respect to the person. It would help if you still did that. There are ways you can show your respect and honour to the person. And it is more appropriate when you give respect to the deceased person in front of their loved ones. 

When you are doing these things, you are paying attention to the feelings of the deceased's loved ones, and they would feel better if you do that. It means that the person's life has more meaning than they already know. If you are a workmate, classmate, or friend that the family rarely sees, and you are paying a visit to honour the person, it is a big deal for them. They would love to have you talk to you and know more about their loved ones outside their home. 

As a visiting person, you need to know what to do, and you don't need to do it while you are attending the person's funeral service. You need to know the basic etiquette of a person that is attending a funeral service. It does not matter how close or if you are only acquainted with the person. There are always proper ways of sending your condolences. 

What do you need to do when you are at a funeral?


Talk to the family about how you feel about what happens and about the person. 

When you are at a funeral, most people are afraid to talk to the loved one of the deceased person. They are so scared of what they will say to the family and respond to it. It would help if you remembered to talk to the family of the person. It is because you are giving credit and respect to them. You are empathizing with how they feel about their loved ones. 

There is no need to fear. All you need is to be careful and be sensitive enough to know what you are saying and the impact it will have on the family. When you are doing and saying, there is no need to fear. The family needs consolation from friends and family. You can freely express your condolences to the family.

Respect their family traditions

If the person has different beliefs as yours and sometimes you don't know or are a little bit confused about what to do. Don't walk out and tell the family that you don't like what is going at the funeral. You need to consider that every family has their traditions, and you need to respect that. 

We all have different backgrounds in life, and some of us have a unique way of doing things. And if you are attending a burial that they have other traditions as yours, you need to respect them, and if it involves something out of your will, you can always refuse nicely beforehand. 


Do not ask so many unnecessary questions to the family. 

Some people are trying to make the mood lighter since they are all grieving. But if you want to make the family cheer up and uplift their spirit, you can say your condolences, and you can sit silently. There is no need to bombard anyone in the family of the person with a lot of questions. 

There is always the right timing for everything. It would help if you considered that the family is still mourning their loss. You need to know where and when to ask many questions to the family members. It would help if you kept in mind that they want peace of mind and calmness to relax. But it does not mean you will avoid chatting with them. You can, with carefulness and sensitivity of their emotions. 

Do not occupy the front seat.

If you want to sit near the family member, you can sit on the second row. The front seats or rows are intended for the family members. If a family member would like you to sit with them in front, you can do that. But it would help if you remembered that it should be for the family members and other relatives of the deceased.  

Avoid bringing a date to a funeral.

A funeral is a place for mourning, and it is not a place where you can do romance and display affection. You can bring someone who is dear or knows the demise and not someone you would like to date, or you are dating. That is not appropriate. 

If your intention is to date and bring your date to a funeral, that is rude and inappropriate. You need to consider the place where you are bringing the person and the occasion unless they know that you are about to go to a funeral and they insist on joining you to go.