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How to Be Foolproof in Picking a Cremation Urn?

In choosing the cremation urn for your departed loved one, you aren’t only choosing one that will serve as a vessel to cradle their precious remains—you are also choosing the one that would perfectly embody their presence, memories, and legacy.


With a broad variety of options available at hand today, it is vital to go through the process of selection thoughtfully. What shall be taken on board and be foolproof in selecting the one?


Know the very purpose  of the urn.


Before you embark on your search for a cremation urn, understanding its very purpose is necessary, such as, would you intend to display the urn at your house, bury it, or scatter the ashes? This will also influence the style, material, and size of the urn you will be choosing.


Opt for what you personally prefer.


We all have unique tastes, eye for details and designs, and characteristics. Taking these aspects on board and those of your loved one will certainly help you in seamlessly selecting the perfect urn. You may consider what they usually loved to do when they were still alive, their favourite colours, and interests, among others. Choose the one that would solely reflect such individuality.


Explore the urn’s materials, size, and capacity, because they matter.


Cremation urns come in an array of materials—possessing distinct traits for each. You may opt for one that is made of wood, metal, or ceramic, just to state a few. The key here is to know their properties and significance that would best fit your inclination.


It is likewise vital to determine which one would appropriately hold your loved one’s ashes. To remark, the general rule of thumb for volume is one cubic inch per pound of body weight. You could also opt for a smaller urn, should you wish to fractionate the ashes or only keep a portion of it.


Check out the design and style—including customisation and personalisation.


Choose a specific design or style that really resonates with your loved one, and how you would want to remember him, as various styles and designs evince various emotions, memories, and symbolisms. From the traditional, classically aesthetic, to a modern or a custom-designed one, you can freely select the one that speaks your beloved and your deep connection with him.


Moreover, after you have chosen your ideal cremation urn, you may likewise consider putting personal touches into it to make honouring your loved one even more meaningful, like engraving a name, dates, or his favourite quote or symbol.


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Honest injun, the “‘perfect’ cremation urn is wholly up to how you define or make it. What matters most in finding an urn is to pick the one that would beautifully and uniquely encapsulate your loved one’s being, and how it would serenely offer solace to the bereaved family.


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