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Keeping the Flame of Love Alive: All About Candle Keepsake Urns

Known across the globe, candles have long been an emblem of remembrance and spirituality. Through lighting one, a sacred space is paved to connect with the departed, honour their memory, and conference reverence. Its warm and gentle glow likewise gives solace and comfort amid the mourning time. From this emerges the candle keepsake urns—a classic combination of traditional urn and a candle holder.


Why choose candle keepsake urns?


It has dual functionality. These are beautifully designed to hold your beloved's ashes, while also enabling you to light the candle in honour of their memory. This helps you craft a tranquil and contemplative atmosphere in paying homage to your beloved.


It holds deep symbolism. These keepsake urns represent the ultimate transition of your beloved's spirit into an eternal, heavenly light.


Used in intimate gatherings. When you like a candle in the keepsake urn, it aims to form part of the intimate and meaningful ritual during your family gatherings, or even in memorial services or personal reflection moments.


The act of lighting the candle keepsake urn


First, choose your candle. You must pick a candle that holds significant meaning about your beloved or to you. Next, place the candle carefully and inside the designated candle holder of your urn. Afterwards, add the ashes with care and reverence, and ensure to follow the proper way to do it, as written in the urn's guide.


Subsequently, light the candle's wick gently, and as the flame flickers, seize the moment to reflect on your beloved—feel his spirit and presence. In doing this act, it's best to choose the place that shall serve as a sacred haven to display or situate the candle keepsake urn. It might be on a mantel, a dedicated memorial shelf, or any other place where you can regularly pay tribute.


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Candle keepsake urns come in various designs and materials, as they can be customised and personalised—this gives you the chance to choose one that entirely resonates with your loved one's individuality, memories, and connection.


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