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When your brother is newly married, and they are also expecting a baby. But they have miscarriage and loss the baby. The bundle of joy that they are looking forward to every day is gone. As a sibling, you want to comfort them and make sure that they are doing okay. You can give a gift to your brother, a locket for men incorporated with the ashes of their baby. 

You can also give his wife memorial jewelry so they will have something that will inspire them. Something that will remind them of the beautiful memory they had. They need a friend, a sister, a brother, and a family member who would understand what they are going through. It is not easy to battle the pain of losing a child, especially if it is their first baby. 

Comfort is the thing that they truly need in this situation. You can;

  • Talk to them every day

  • You can comfort them by making a call every day, even if it will be for a few hours, as long as you check on them and ask them how they are coping with their loss. That will make a big difference in their life. Seeing them cry will hurt hearts, but they need to survive the battle of missing and loneliness to move on to the future.

    Even though talking to them about what happened is complicated. It is because they still feel the pain. Allow them to absorb the pain and accept the loss they have experienced. You can talk to them about different things that will excite them and divert their attention. 

  • Visit them if they live in a different household.

  • You can also visit them in their household to check how they are doing. You can do a movie marathon in their house. You and your family can sleepover with your family will be an excellent way to make them feel that they are alone in their battle. Visiting will help ease their pain and the stress they are experiencing because of the loss. 

    Taking the whole family will make their house merry and alive again. The days that are filled with sadness will change into happiness because you are there to uplift their spirit. A little sleepover does not mean taking their privacy away, but their family is there to make them feel so much love. 

  • You can take them on vacation where they can unwind.

  • You can book a vacation for the two of them. It can be your brother and his wife's second honeymoon. But you can also take the whole family for a break so they won't feel lonely exploring beautiful places. In this way, you are comforting through the calmness of nature. There are a lot of places you can take them. 

    You can take them to a resort to take a break on the beachside. If they like to have an adventure, you can take your brother and his wife hiking. It will be an excellent way for the couple to forget what happened and fill their minds with new memories. 

  • You can cook for them.

  • Cooking is the best for a good conversation. Thus, cooking for your loved ones is the best way to bond with them. You can ask them questions about how things are going and the plans they are starting to make as a couple. It will be a good start to slowly opening up with you. 

    While you are cooking, you can also remind them of what the locket for men means. You can tell them that it will comfort them at these times. And the locket has their child's ashes so they can look at it whenever they miss the child or if they feel down. They know that you love and value them because of this locket. 

    The locket that you gave your brother will make him and his wife happier than ever. And if they will have another child soon, you know that their firstborn memory will always remain in their hearts and lives. Once they are successful with their second child, they will introduce them to the first child through the locket for men's jewellery you gave. 

    If you pour your hearts and efforts out into helping, you know everything is worth it. Their happiness is the joy of everyone in the family. And once the other child is born, they will love them and take care of them multiple times to make sure that they will not miss anything. Your efforts are appreciated and thank you for being a good sibling to your brother and your sister-in-law. 

    You are the witness of a great love story that surpasses the challenge of life. And everything the couple encountered was a test of their love and faithfulness to each other. They hold on to the promise they made on their wedding day.