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Losing a parent is an incomparable pain you feel. There are no words to describe it. You don't know how to explain it to other people. But what does it feel like to grieve for a parent that you hardly know? You have a cremation ring to remember them, yet you don't know what to feel. 

When would someone ask you how it feels to finally know the person who gives you life or the father you had never known your entire life? You can't answer them straight to the eye because you don't know what it feels like to have them by your side. You can't give an exact word to describe the feeling because you lost them when you met them. You already lost the chance to get to know them. 

Even though you already had lost them, you still want to know their life when they are still alive. But you don't know where to start or to whom to ask for this information. You want to ask questions about your life and what happened back then. You are curious about these things, but you have no one to ask. 

Here are some suggestions that you may consider trying when you are in this kind of situation. 

  • Ask the person who became your guardian or parent.

There is no more suitable person to ask questions about your life than the person you adopt and take care of while growing up. They are the ones who lead you to the truth and stories you want to hear. They may not give you the full version of what happened before they had you, but at least you will know the story and start digging from there. You can also ask them for the people to look for to ask these questions. 

Even if you already knew that they are gone, and you have a piece of their remains left in you inside your cremation ring. But you would still want to know the whole story to fill out the missing piece you are looking for while still young. You will also know what to feel when you already know the truth. You can release the emotion fully that you need to accept things. 

  • Look for your other relatives.

When you already know the story behind your life. You can start looking for the people that can understand the other side of the whole truth of you. You can look for them along with your cremation ring as a reminder that there is still hope in knowing them and feeling them. Once you have already heard their story, evaluate and try to understand it. 

  • Know the other side of the story

There are always two sides to the story. You need to know the things that cause your life to be what it is right now. You also need to understand what happened and how it led to many years of missing. It will help you set yourself free from the bondage of the what-ifs of your life. 

You need it because you need to balance everything in your life. You may not have heard the story from your parents. But when you get all the answers to your life's question, you know you will wake up each day feeling good and complete. Your cremation ring will allow you to feel the warmth of their love even though they are no longer with you physically. 

It will help you release your emotion and feelings towards what happened. You can now grasp and understand why things have to be this way. And, you can free yourself from the question you have in mind. The cremation ring is the representation of your parents. 

It will help you create new memories as you know the real you. It will go along with you no matter where you go. The worries brought by circumstances of not knowing them will be replaced by peace because you got to know who they are and with the help of the cremation ring. 

You knew for yourself that you needed to have that cremation ring with your parent's remains. It would help if you had it because these are the only things that will remind them. You may not have the time to spend with them. But with the cremation ring, you get the chance to feel them.