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Memento for Life: Personalized Memory Box Urn for Your Loved One

Photographs, heirlooms, and other special things that remind us of our deceased loved ones are important and are great ways to keep our moments with them alive. They help us treasure the memories and experiences we once shared with them.

One of the ways we can preserve this memento is to use a personalized memory box as a form of urn for our departed loved ones. The good thing about a personalized memory box is that its design or paintings on the surface can be customized. Thus, even with just one look at the box, it can tell a story that can take us back to the moments we had with them.

Family members can choose to design it from the photographs of the unforgettable moments shared with them; or layout it with something that describes that loved one, like a hobby or a passion.

Inside the box, there are compartments that keep and divide the ashes and the precious objects that remind that deceased family member.

It may not look as fancy as a marble urn, or as shiny as an aluminum urn, but it is certainly more intimate and can help keep the memories of the departed loved ones alive.

Also, compared to traditional urns, wood urn is surprisingly sleeker and sturdier. It will not easily break like a marble and will not bend like a metal urn. For this reason, wood is one of the best materials to choose when picking an urn.

Hardwood is the most common type of wood used for a personalized memory box, but one can also pick the kind of wood he prefers. It can be cherry, maple, oak pecan—either way it is guaranteed made with top-notch craftsmanship.

Typically, people may think that a personalized box is used for different kinds of occasion but are common on celebrations like christening, graduation, wedding, among others, it is also great as an urn because, aside from the freedom to customize its layout, it can hold significant things one wishes to put inside.

The box can also be used to keep the cremated remains of a person’s departed beloved pets. This alternative to traditional urns is the best way to ensure that he can still be near his beloved pets who passed away.

This box can be displayed anywhere in the house as well.

For a departed husband or wife, it can be placed near the bed on the nightstand. If it is a late parent, it can be placed somewhere in the living room; or if the person does not feel like displaying it, the box can be kept in a space where he feels safe to reminisce the memories by looking at it from time to time.

Let this box be a reminder that while a passing of a loved one can be inevitable and pain is part of being human, memories will forever remain; and that is something to hold on to.

Thus, whenever a family member wants to revisit and look back to the person and the memories they once cherished together, they can just look at this box as it will keep these treasured moments together, safe, and secure.