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The Evolution of Keepsakes: Infusion of Ashes

As the world evolves, so does its practices develop, change, and modernize. This includes changes in burial ceremonies or in finding the perfect resting place for a loved one.

Surprisingly, one of the practices that has been embraced these days, which is the infusion of cremated remains in keepsake jewellery, can be traced to have existed or began long ago.

During the beginning of man, skin, nails, tears, or droplets of blood were preserved in remembrance of a person—deceased or not. Over time, it has evolved from blood to hair, and now, the use of cremated remains in keepsake jewellery or in modern artwork.

The ways may differ, but the idea is the same; people want something that reminds them of their departed loved ones to make their passing less heartbreaking.

Today, the cremated remains can now be infused in a framed memorial artwork or jewelries such as bracelets and beads, pendants, rings, earrings, among others.

The passing of a loved one is heartbreaking as it could mean we can no longer be with them physically; but keeping a keepsake in a form or artwork or jewelries where we can display wherever we want, or carry anywhere, gives us comfort that they are not far from us.

For a keepsake jewellery, one of the best things about it is that it is unique and stands out from the rest of the jewellery pieces because its value is beyond money’s worth. You know that you are carrying with you not just a fancy jewellery, but a part of the person you hold dear. Another great thing about it is the variety of styles and forms it has. If you are not fond of bracelets but are more into necklaces or other pieces, with the options available such as a necklace for ashes or ashes into rings,it would not be difficult for you to find one that fits your preference.

If you are not the kind of person who wears jewelries as well, a framed artwork infused with the ashes of your loved one is a great option. It is more subtle than an urn as it can be an interior design at home like an artwork display. This art does not only add beauty to your house but gives more essence as to why it is called a home.

We would always want to beautify our home with artworks, stylish furniture, among others, but it is especially meaningful when you know that a certain artwork symbolizes or represents your loved one.

Modernization has indeed helped us cope up with the passing of our loved ones in a more innovative way. We will no longer feel that they are far from us since we can hold them close to our hearts. Our homes will no longer feel as different because we know that they are still with us through the keepsakes they represent.

It is interesting how it has been a culture to humankind, even during the beginning of man, to hold on to loved ones; and when they depart, a part of us still wants to be with them. That is why keepsakes exist.

The instinct that we would never want to forget our loved ones can be a reminder that maybe we are not meant to forget them or be separated with them after all. Maybe amidst bearing physical separation, we will still be reunited with them one day, and all our pain and mourning will fade away.