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Giving gifts to children who lost a loved one or parents is a beautiful way of making them feel comforted. You provide them with something that will put a smile on their face. You may give them a memorial necklace to remind a loved one of the care and love they showed for them. 


It is not about the material things that you have given. But the thought of getting them gifts to relieve their pain. It is a beautiful feeling for a child to receive a gift from someone. They will feel they are valued, and they matter to everyone. 


Getting a child a memorial necklace is an excellent way of telling them that the person may no longer live with them, but they stay in their hearts. A monument necklace can be of any design that they like. It can be customized to the child's favorite character to be too blunt for them.


When you give a child a gift, you must consider things like;


  • Ask the things they like and don't like

    It would help if you also considered these things to know what they like and don't like. Having a piece of jewellery is not everyone's cup of tea. But once a child knows and understands the meaning of the memorial necklace or jewellery you gave them, they will appreciate the things you have done for them. They will get used to having the necklace worn every day. 


  • Their favorites

    You can give a child a gift, and they will tell you honestly whether they like it or not. They show you through the way they accept the gift or how they react after seeing your gift. Some children will tell you verbally if they like it or not. 


    When choosing a gift, you must consider the things that they like. You may observe them or ask anyone close to them to tell them what they want. There are a lot of things the child would like to have;


    • favorite food
    • favorite cartoon character
    • favorite singer
    • favorite flower

    The list goes on for what you can choose to give them when it comes to their favorite. In dealing with a grieving child, you must know that they are sensitive. That is why you need to consider their emotions before buying or doing things for them. You can have their memorial necklace design to any of these categories as long as it is within their favorites. 

  • Let them know why you gave them gifts.

    When you give a child a gift, you need to be creative. It would be best to explain why you are giving them presents; you can write on a card or talk to them before handling the gift. With this, they will understand your intentions about giving it to them. 


    Children will wonder why you have given them such things even though there are no celebrations. They will sometimes misunderstand it. As an adult, you need to let them know why you give them gifts because gifts can be interpreted differently. 


  • Going extra mile

    Presents are good, especially for children. But what makes it even better is when you add a heart to it. Meaning, you can add a teddy bear to the necklace or an item you want to give them. They will be delighted to show you how satisfied and happy they will be if you add other things aside from what you already plan to give. 


  • Your affection

    It may take a lot of effort to smile on a grieving child's face, but once they show you that, you know it is sincere and genuine because children in this situation need a lot of attention and affection from anyone. They need to know that losing someone is gaining someone who will look over them. 


    Some children may grieve very hard that it is uneasy for them to get close to anyone and won't accept any gifts or bits of advice. It would help if you showed that you are doing your best to comfort them. Instead of shooing you away from them, they will appreciate you and your efforts.


    They can have the best memorial necklace globally, but nothing beats the time, love, and affection of the people who care for them. You spare them a little of your time, and they give double of theirs. You provide them with love, and they will provide theirs beyond what they have. 


    Allow them to show their affection to you. Don't put force and pressure to get their attention and love because you will lose it. Let time do things that will work for both of you. Children don't like to be forced. They want to do something and accept a situation in their own time and manner, so you need to respect that. You learn to adjust to their pace depending. If you are determined, no matter how long and slow the process may be, you will wait.