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As we get old, we treat passing as a usual ending of life. We accept that we all end up losing the life we currently have and live in eternity in spirit soon. But we can't change the fact that when we lose a loved one, we cry, mourn, and lose track of everything, especially when we lose the people who are the backbone of who we are. What remains is a memorial pendant that anyone in the family can wear. A special thing that holds everyone together because it has the ashes of your loved ones. 

It is the most important jewellery your family will ever possess in their life. Aside from that, it is one of a kind that no one can ever compare or have. It is even more valuable because it has your grandparents' ashes. They are the backbone of your family. They are the Patriarch and Matriarch of the family. They deserve to have something for all the good things they have done for you and your family. 

They are the ones who will defend you from your parents when they don't want to hear your side at some point. They are the ones who will tolerate some of your wants whenever your parents do want to give you what you want. They are known for spoiling their grandchildren, and you love them for that. 

With their passing, you will miss the snuggle they give whenever they visit your house or apartment whenever they can. Even though you are already an adult, they see you as their baby. That is one characteristic that our parents inherit from them. They care so much for their children, especially their grandchildren. 

These best things translate to I miss you, and I will remember you for the rest of my life. You will miss their hugs, laughs and their voices. No one will nag at you whenever your family wakes up so late. And they are around. They will make you lazy people. They are sometimes annoying because of their age and the things they do at home. But they never fail to make us laugh with their funny dance moves. 

Their laughs are sometimes the weirdest. 

Though there is nothing wrong when people laugh at their hearts so much. When you hear your grandparents' laugh, it may sound weird. It is because you hear either your parents' voice or your voice in resemblance. You will only realize that you are already laughing so loud too. And you don't know why it makes you laugh, but the laugh that you release is a breath of fresh air to them. 

Their hugs will always make you cry.

When they are around, and you hug them. You feel the warmth of your grandparents' love, just like how your parents would hug you whenever you can't say any word to describe how you feel. It will always make you don't let go of the hugs. One thing that you will surely miss. But you can always have your parents hug you tight. Your hug will comfort them too. 

You lose grandparents, and they lose their parents. All of you lost the people that you want to see the most. That is why you need to comfort each other. You need to be there for each other. Whether in good or bad times. You need to stand for each other. 

Their dance moves are the best.

They say you inherit half of your talent from your grandparents. Whether you are good at singing, dancing, or acting, your grandparents have it first before your parents and you. They love it first before you have it. When they dance, their groove is beyond the four walls of your home or room. 

It will amaze you, and at the same time, it will make you laugh. And the next thing you know, you are already dancing in the same moves. When you no longer have them on the dance floor, you will remember their moves as if you are still dancing with them. You can have the memorial pendant back you up with those beautiful memories you shared with them.

All the memories with them are worth keeping and reminiscing about. They are all beautiful to be forgotten. That is why having a memorial pendant will help you remember any aspect of your life. And make those memories as your guiding experiences to make your future a tomorrow that you always look forward to coming. 

You will remember them in every move you make and for being you. The memorial pendant will comfort you. It will make you feel rested and secured because you know that they will always be checking on you even though they are already in heaven. And feel their embrace with your memorial pendant. 

They will remain in your heart because they know that you loved them. And you know that they loved you beyond borders in the world.