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Grieving how we defined our emotions when we lost the person we value all of our lives. People left us because of the need to find purpose in their lives or walk away from ours, but grieving is the accurate definition of losing a loved one from the battle of life. It is the emotion that every one of us is telling everybody of every day from when we lost the person. And the best way to think about things positively is to hold to the memories stored in ash infused cremation jewellery

We want to retain the positiveness in our being even though we lost half of who we are because of the person. It has taken the sunshine that we need during the days when we are blinded by darkness. And even if we want to run back to that sunshine, it will no longer give light in our paths because it's already gone. The sun that shines to guide us to wake up each day is no longer around to move us in daily. 

In times like this being merry is the only way to get out from the pain or in the darkness that we see. But when you know that you are already in the deepest of the sea and you are starting to drown, try to swim back inshore to be rescued. You need someone who will help you get back on your feet when you feel like no one else you see. You don't need to share the unreadable thoughts you have in mind. Don't let your thoughts and emotions draw you because it might get you in trouble. 

Talk to your parents.

    If you lost a significant other and didn't want to talk to your close friends, you can speak to your parents. They will not resent you for what you feel, but they will tell you honestly what you need to do to overcome the pain. Your parent's advice is what you need whenever you are going through tough times like this. The comfort you need to release your uncertainties and pain. Their hug alone will make you comfortable. The warm hugs make you feel welcome and comfortable in any way you want. 

    Parents will stop all the things they do to listen to what you would like to say. You need to tell them what you feel about your situation. Sometimes, they would not say anything but sit down with you and listen to everything you say. And will give you a big hug that no one can ever give. That is the power of their love towards their children. No words, but a big hug will ease everything. 

    Talk to your siblings. 

    If both of your parents passed away and you don't know how to handle the emotion of what happened, you can talk to them. Even though they are also grieving, they are the best people who would understand your pain the most because you are going through the same phase in your life. But you also need to know that there are also boundaries that you need to respect. When they want to be alone because they want to absorb what happened, give that time. You are all grieving, but supporting and respecting each other is the comfort you need. You need to understand each other so you can help each other too. 

    Talk to your best friend/s. 

    When both of your parents have already passed away, you can talk to your best friend or childhood friend. Your best friend is the next person who knows your better side from your family. If your relatives live in a different state, and you barely bond with them. The person who is not bloody related to you can be the person who you call extended family. They say you can tell your best friend the things you can't say to your parents. Since parents are no longer around, talk to them. I am sure they will find time to listen to you.

    In some cases, your cousins who live near you can be one of the people you can call your best friend. You share things with them, and even what you sometimes don't your mom does when cooking dinner or watching her favourite drama on television. 

    Talk to your significant other. 

    If you have someone to lend their ears and time for your thoughts about the passing of your loved ones, then you are one of those blessed. That is why you don't need to grapple with the struggle alone. Talk to them and hear their opinion about what is happening and their thoughts too. When you share it with someone you want to share your life with, you are also opening the other side of you that they have not discovered. 

    Sometimes, the answers you are looking for are the hand you are holding the whole time you are wandering around. That sometimes you ignore because you are already drowning yourself in thoughts of your what-ifs in life. Try to look around you and see what is facing you right now. That person who never leaves you behind and let go of your hand will be the one who will swim in the middle of the sea to save you.