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In every moment of our lives, we like to take a photo of them; birthdays, weddings, baptismal, and even when we grieve, we try to capture those moments. It is one way of collecting memories with family, friends, and other loved ones. 


These photos serve as the memory that we like to collect. We treasure them and keep them in a safe place that assures us that they will last for a long time. We can create memory boxes so that we can put all the photos we collected.


This memory box will be all the beautiful things we shared with our loved ones. We can place the photos from our childhood until the present moment with our loved ones. When they pass away, we can look back at these photos and remember them. 


In creating a memory box, there is no specific box you need to use to place all the good photos, things, or jewelry. You only need to have a container where you can have all these things hidden in a special place. 


Aside from photos, you can also put their remains by placing them first in a piece of memorial jewelry. This jewelry will serve as your remembrance of their love and support to you. It is also a reminder that you always have them in your heart even though they are no longer present in this world. 


It is also a great bonding time with your family, collecting photos of deceased loved ones and talking about how they lived their lives. Reminiscing the time that they are still with you because of great memories that come with a photo is a great time to feel happily nostalgic.


All you need is to find time to collect all these photos and make a memory box. It needs your patience and effort to decorate the box. You will then keep it hidden from other people aside from your family members. It will take so much of your time to find a photo that best describes the fondest moment you are with them. Although all the pictures you had with them are the best, you just have to choose some photos that  remind you of the beautiful moments you created with them.


In the end, creating a memory box is your aid to cope up with grieving and will allow you to put back the smile on your face that once was taken away by the pain of losing a loved one. There is also no right way of keeping memories because it is personal. You can always have them your way. Memory boxes are filled with memories of your childhood to adulthood with your loved ones.