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In taking care of our jewelry we are careful not to break them or scratch them, especially if they are expensive. We make sure that they are stored in a secure place that no one knows because we are afraid that someone may take them from us. These pieces of jewelry are precious that we had a hard time deciding whether to buy them or not. Taking all the considerations that we can ever think to make sure buying is worth it. 

There are a lot of types of jewelry a man can possess. It can be gold, silver, or a gemstone depending on how they like their piece to be made. Most of the people who would like to wear everyday jewelry tend to have sterling silver jewelry because they are durable and light, and it is easy to wear. This type of jewelry is best known to be used for cremated ashes as an added element to create beautiful cremation jewelry for deceased loved ones.

It is more valuable if the jewelry we have is made with the ashes of our loved ones. We will consider it as the greatest possession of all time and would want to wear it anywhere we go. But how to make sure that these pieces of jewelry will not tarnish and get old. You may want to consider these options in cleaning your cremation jewelry for ashes.

Soap, Water, and a soft cloth

Cleaning jewelry is a bit scary because you may end up scratching or tarnishing it instead. That is why you need to have a soft cloth to use, soaking in water with dishwashing soap. Once it is soaked, get the jewelry with your right left hand and the soaked cloth on the other than gently rub the cloth onto the jewelry so that it will not scratch.

Wear them all the time

To avoid tarnishing, you need to wear the jewelry all the time because the skin has a natural oil that cleans and polishes sterling silver jewelry.

Avoid harsh chemicals

I understand that it is said that skin oils can help clean sterling silver pieces of jewelry but prevention is better than cure. In this case, if you are doing household chores or work that involves harsh chemicals you need to remove your jewelry to ensure that it will not tarnish that easily. 

Baking Soda and Water

You can do this at home while doing your household chores, babysitting, or whatever you would like to do while cleaning your jewelry. In using baking soda and water, you need to mix them until it becomes a paste, get a soft cloth to dump into the paste, and rub it gently on the jewelry. Make sure that you have a spare dry cloth to clean after rubbing the jewelry with paste.

Call Professional Cleaning Service

If all that is listed above didn’t work for you or you are busy with everyday work to have them clean by yourself. You can contact a professional jewelry cleaner to help you clean and keep your jewelry stunning.