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When men grieve for their loved ones, they want to be alone and process everything by themselves. They don't want to be weak or crying, but they need to be comforted. You can comfort them by listening to them or give them men’s ashes jewelry.

Their loved ones don't have to say anything. But staying by their side and listening to them will help them process grief. Men have different ways to cope up with their loss. Unlike girls, they want to keep what they feel inside as much as they can hold it. They will not weep in front of anyone they know or ask for comfort from them. Some men think that they can handle things on their own. 

Their means of handling it themselves is keeping busy with other things to change their focus. And they will not have a silent moment to think about what happened because they know it breaks the wall they build. It will keep them occupied so that they can no longer observe that the time has already passed. And it's already the time to bury their loved ones. 

On the other hand, some men like to show off their feelings to release their sadness. They are the ones who do the initiatives to open a conversation with you about what happened. They are casual in talking about their pain and how they would handle it. Sometimes, they would admit that they need their family's help. 

Mourning men need a project that is not related to what happened in the family. If you are one of those men who likes to divert their attention on other things instead of thinking about how to surpass grieve, you may consider doing these things:


In the solemnity of the sea, you can divert your focus to catching fish. You can bring with you your closest friend that you know won't bring out the topic about losing a loved one. 


If you want peace, you may climb up a mountain to refresh yourself. It will help you meditate and understand your own emotion. You can consider it as time for yourself. 

Tree Planting

If it is not hard to find a tree-planting program in your community, you can enroll yourself in a program like this. It will consume your time from thinking about pain and your loss. 


If you like expressing yourself in art, you may try doing a painting. It will help you cultivate your ideas and translate them into a beautiful masterpiece.

Museum Visit 

It may sound unusual, but visiting a museum will help you broaden your idea about life. And will fill up your mind with new thoughts about how to improve art. It is a good diversion of attention. It allows your inner desire for creativity to be awakened and becomes a reality.

You can do all these things. But you can't escape the reality that you have lost someone important in your life. As human beings, we need to have this mindset that diverting our attention will help us escape from the reality of life. It is only a temporary escape that you will find. Once you are back home, you will see things are no longer the same. It will hit you hard.

It is okay to take a break from the usuals of our lives; traveling, mountain climbing, painting, and many more. But if you are going on a trip because you are avoiding reality, you will not have the peace and tranquility you are looking for. Important things in your life are not easily avoided. As a man, you know that you need to face it and not hide from it. 

Your family knows that you are in pain too, and you need their comfort. They are observing you and want to comfort you. Shedding them out in your shadow to avoid seeing you cry will give them heartaches. In times like this, your quiet time is important. However, shutting your doors for any comfort will not help you and your family. 

They know that men's ashes jewellery comforts you, and you share your pain with it. But when pain is shared with family along with your keepsake, things will go smoothly. And the next thing you know, you are already healed. 

Your keepsake is the representation of deceased loved ones. You can have it as your best buddy. It will never leave you unless it will be taken out from your hands. You value it because you know the remains inside of it are your loved one. 

It is the hardest time for your family when you lose your loved one. Instead