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Children have innocent minds when it comes to dealing with the passing of a loved one, especially when they lose their favorite dog. Their grief may change depending on the environment they are in. Some of these kids are mature enough to have pet ashes jewellery reserves and have it as a keepsake. Thus, it would change their point of view about having nightmares. 

Their responses also depend on their age. As adults, we also need to consider how they will react to the loss. The way we talk to them because there are children who are sensitive when it comes to these kinds of topics. You may consider doing a step-by-step conversation with them on why they can no longer see their dog. 

Before engaging in conversation with them about this matter, we must consider;

  1. The child's age
  2. The strategy you need to make them understand the situation
  3. Offer them comfort appropriate for their age

It is hard to tell a child directly what happened to their pet without getting them so upset. Thus, we also need to find words that will help them fully grasp the loss. We also need to be clear in explaining to them what happened because they might give it a different meaning. We need to know how far they can understand the explanation we are giving them.

You also need to prepare answers to the possible questions they ask you. Children are curious about many things and for them knowing what happens to their beloved dog is the most important thing they should know. Allow them to know that the dog ashes that they have preserved are their comfort and diversion of attention. 

While explaining to them what happened, you can also read a book that has the same story as what happened to their dogs. Sometimes, they would like you to explain more about what happened to the story or question you that relate to what happened in the story. You may use their curiosity to start explaining what happened and answer them as simply as possible so that they will not be confused.

Furthermore, having dog ashes jewellery for them is a good thing because it will help you explain to them what happened and comfort them at the same time. Thus, it will also give them peace of mind thinking about what will happen to them since the dog is no longer around. Dog ashes jewellery will help kids to find comfort.

After losing their dogs, some children are afraid of being alone. They will have nightmares because their dogs are no longer there to protect them. Though you may inform them that you are there as a parent to comfort them, children are more likely to depend on the animals that they have attached with and will cling to the belief that their dogs are their protector from the evil monsters in their dreams. Giving them a piece that has the ashes of their dog will help them feel relieved. 

You can also find time to look for activities that will help you explain to them what happened;

  • Coloring books
  • Storytelling
  • Watching dog story movies

These activities will give them an idea of what happened and will give you an easy way to inform them about losing their special pet.

For children who can understand fully what happened without any segue, you can talk to them directly. But we still do not forget to be mindful of the words we say because it would still affect their views of life and taking care of animals. We must consider that not all of them have experienced losing a loved one before this happened. For some, this is their first time encountering a loss and sudden grief. 

You also need to explain to the younger kids why they have the pet ashes jewellery so they will know the value of it. They would also start taking responsibility for caring for it. It is also a good practice for them so that by the next time you will be giving an important thing, they know how to take care of it. 

We need to be very patient in dealing with them. Though they are sometimes annoying because of the repetitive questions they have about what happened, that is normal. They are processed inside. And their mind that they can no longer see their dogs, and they have to move on from it. Once they get through this phase, they will slowly accept it. They will eventually realize that there is no need for a repetitive explanation from you.

Never hold them back from their thoughts about these kinds of events in their life. The more they are open about their thoughts, the easier you can help them and comfort them. When you crowd them with information that they can't express what's on their mind, the more they would build walls from you. And they will distance themselves. Allow expressing to avoid depression.