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Modern-Day Urns as Part of Your Home

We all cope differently when a loved one passes away. Some don’t struggle to move on, while others do. For those who want to hold on to their departed loved ones closer to them, there is always an option to keep their ashes.

With the modern-day ashes urns available today, they cannot only choose which one best fits their loved ones, they can also opt for something that fits the overall aesthetic of their homes. There are urns that you’ll recognize instantly in a house, there are some that are decorative, and there are also urns designed to be subtle—as other family members don’t like to draw too much attention to them.

Urns are also divided into different categories. There are adult cremation urns, child/infant cremation urns, pet urns, among others.

Adult Cremation Urns

For adult cremation urns, they vary from the material, size, shape, and design. They can be made of:

    1. Brass
    2. Aluminium
    3. Steel
    4. Copper
    5. Ceramic
    6. Glass
    7. Crystal
    8. Resin
    9. Marble
    10. Wood

If you’re looking for an abstract urn for ashes that fits your modern-looking home, designs like Heavens Light Cremation Ashes Urn Range could be a best fit. 

This is inspired by the natural passage of time in the circle of life. It holds a candle that, once lit, will gracefully reflect upon this truly stunning urn.

If you also opt for a discreet urn for ashes, the best would be this Tiverton Cremation Ashes Urn. Nobody will know that it is an urn. This is also available in colours that would complement and blend any home.

If you’re going for a unique design to display to your house, you can choose Aveley Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Range. This piece is made up of multiple tones of alabaster which highlights the material’s wonderful translucent properties. Aside from the work of art that it is, what makes it more unique is that the material for this beautiful piece is rare to find.

Child/Infant Cremation Urns

Another type of urn is the child/infant cremation urns. Just like adult cremation urns, these are also made of different types of materials namely:

    1. Brass
    2. Aluminium
    3. Resin
    4. Wood
    5. Glass
    6. Crystal
    7. Biodegradable materials
    8. Ceramic

Though their materials are the same, their designs differ a lot from adult cremation urns. Child/Infant Cremation Urns can be more whimsical, appropriate for the children’s youthful dew.

Take this Infinity Football Cremation Ashes Urn for example. This design commemorates your loved one’s love for football. This is also a contemporary and discreet piece you can display at home. This is guaranteed to be long lasting as it is hand-cast from durable aluminium.

Another piece from child/infant cremation urns is the Southsea Metal Moon and Stars Cremation Ashes Urn. This wonderful piece represents a child-like wonder and is made of metal, resin, and polished brass.

Pet Urns

Next on the list are pet urns. We hold our pets dear to us and so we want something to remember them by—something that represents them and can be displayed at home. Pet urns, just like adult and child cremation urns are also made of:

  1. Ceramic
    1. Crystal
    2. Glass
    3. Metal
    4. Resin
    5. Wood

Who would have thought that this cat figurine or Stanley Cat Cremation Ashes Pet Urn can contain the ashes of your beloved pet cat? 

This urn is made of durable aluminium. If you’re wondering how ashes can be placed inside, they are safely placed inside via a threaded secure lid at the bottom.

There are so many options available when it comes to purchasing modern-day urns. Gone are the days where we only have the traditional urn in the market. Today, with the help of skillful artisans, we can have the best urns that represent our loved ones and that can complement the overall aesthetic of our home. Afterall, our loved ones will forever belong in our hearts and, ultimately, our homes.