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Step-By-Step Process of Transferring Ashes to a Suitable Urn

It's painful to lose a loved one, and grieving is something that mourners must go through. During this stage, some don’t really know exactly what to do next. For example, following cremation, one of the things that mourners must face is handling the ashes of their departed loved one. The good thing is, they don’t need to do this alone if they can’t.

Depending on their choice, they can either keep or scatter the ashes. They can also ask the personnel at the funeral home to transfer the ashes to an appropriate vessel or they can do it themselves.

Here are the details or the step-by-step guide of the things to do after cremation.

  1. After cremation, ashes should be transferred to an urn.

You will receive the ashes in some form of container either from the crematorium or the funeral director. You can transfer the ashes yourself, but if this is something you are not comfortable doing, you could ask the funeral director to help you. You can also order a suitable urn and have it delivered to your home or directly to the funeral home.

Place this container inside the urn and carefully release the ashes. It is advisable to have some assistance here. If this is something you are not comfortable doing, you could ask the funeral director to help you. If it helps, we can send your urn directly to the funeral director and the cremation ashes can be placed in the urn there.

  1. Carefully transfer the ashes and ask for assistance.

This step is applicable to those who want to transfer the ashes themselves. It’s critical that the size of the urn you purchased is suitable for the ashes. In general, the cremains of 1 pound of weight can be housed in 1 cubic inch of capacity. Please see the section on ‘Which Urn?’ for further detail.

Please note that cremated remains can vary due to different cremation processes, therefore please only use our guide as an estimate.

Cremated remains that come from the funeral homes or crematoriums are usually placed in a bag that is inside a sturdy cardboard box, plastic box, or plastic temporary urn. You can directly transfer the ashes with its original bag to the urn of your choosing, or you can remove the ashes from the bag and slowly pour them to the urn.

If you choose the later, here are the things or materials you need to prepare:

    1. A well-lit area
    2. A flat, level working surface undisturbed by wind or breeze
    3. A piece of newspaper or a towel
    4. A funnel
    5. Scissors
    6. Sealant (optional)
    7. Gloves (optional)

Spread the newspaper or towel to the flat surface then place your empty urn on top and remove the lid. Put the funnel to the opening of the urn and prepare the ashes. Grab your scissors and cut a diagonal hole to the original plastic bag of the ashes. Slowly and carefully pour the ashes through the funnel. You can use gloves during the process to avoid getting the ashes to your skin.

  1. Seal the lid.

After transferring all the ashes to the urn, place the lid on the urn and close it tightly. Use glue or sealant on the lid If you wish to permanently seal the urn.

It is important to remember that cremains are non-toxic. In fact, they are sanitary, natural substance. However, you still ought to handle them with care to avoid inhaling them as they are very fine.

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