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With the rise of modern technology, funeral services worldwide are also updating their services. Thus, some of the services they offer are to have the ashes of your loved ones in cremation jewellery. It is a unique way of preserving the ashes of your loved ones. It may not be the typical ash jars you see before, but it will still hold the same feeling for you and your loved one. 

A cremation jewellery is a type of accessory that is made out of the cremated remains of your loved ones. These are ashes combined with gold, silver, glass, or crystal that will be molded to produce an accessory. Therefore, you can wear it as a remembrance for your loved ones and at the same time a complement to your body for any occasion you will attend. 

For others having cremation jewellery is a bit uncomfortable, but you can have the jewellery be designed however you wanted it to be. There are various things that you can have for cremation jewellery. There are many options you can have for reserving the cremated remains of your loved ones;


1. Ring

Since there are numerous ways of preserving your loved ones' ashes, you may choose to combine her remains with a crystal that can be molded into a ring. You can use these rings as a family heirloom or as your everyday accessories. It can be a promise ring that you can share with your family members. 

You can place the ring on any of your hands;



  • Pinky finger. In other countries, a pinky finger means a man is married, and for some, it means that the person is involved in a mafia clan. But for you, you can have them placed in your pinky finger as a reminder of the memories you shared with departed loved ones. 


  •  Ring Finger. You can put your cremation jewellery on your ring finger. It symbolizes marital status, and if you lose your wife or lover, you can place the ring on your ring finger. 


  • Middle Finger. Some say that when you place a ring on your middle finger, you balance the thing you wanted to have, like love and career. You put it there in hopes that you can manage to balance the pain of losing and the optimism to move on with life. 


  • Index Finger. You can place your ring in this hand. It means that the ring symbolizes the status of the family of their career. You may have the ring on your index finger as it represents the love and grief of your family.


  • Thumb. It symbolizes power and authority for others, but for you, it is more of that. It is the power of how great the bond and love you had with your loved ones.  


2. Necklace


Aside from having the ashes as rings, you can have them as a necklace too. The chain of the necklace meant that you will always have unbounded closeness and love for the person. The pendants can be a person's favorite flower, food, or anything related to your loved ones. It also symbolizes your emotion. The design will speak for what you feel. 

You can choose the necklace's design however you wanted it and with its meaning according to what you like. 

  • Trendy and Stylish. If you wanted to have your necklace be out of style, you could have it designed similar to the trending design you see on social media. You need to be creative and open to what you like to your designer. 


  • Beaded Style. You can design your necklace as beaded like the ancient times. It will look classic and elegant. You can use it for any occasions you will be attending without anyone knowing that it's with your loved ones' ashes. 


3. Pendants


You can select the pendant design that you like that will make you uncomfortable. Pendants are the center of the necklace design. People will see the pendant first before they can see the chain of it. The stunning and creative the pendant is, the captivating it will be to your eyes and others. 

Choosing the right pendant needs a few considerations. 

  • Making sure that the pendants suit the design of your likeness


  • Does it represent the life of your deceased loved ones?


  • What are you getting out of this pendant?


  • Is the pendant price is suitable for the design you have chosen


  • What pendant would you like to have? Would it be an amulet, lockets, or traditional charms?


These are the few things you need to check before choosing a pendant because you will be placing your loved one. It would be best if you narrowed down all the things that you like in a piece of jewellery. That will help you know what you want and what design you will have with your cremation jewellery.