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Coping with the loss of a cat is very hard. Cats are naturally affectionate, loyal, and loving. That is why it is hard for you to let go of your cat. You want what is best for them, that even when they passed away, you wanted them to have a beautiful cat coffin. You want to make sure that they are still comfortable even though they no longer live. 

But what do you do after your cat is buried? You want to do the usual things, but you can no longer do it because it will remind you of your beloved cat. You will be lonely for not being around your cat and can't feel their presence. That is why you end up missing them and find ways to cope up with the grief you feel.

You can grieve all you want to release all the emotions you have when they pass away. When you are moving on to what has happened with your cat, you need to accept that your cat will no longer come back to fetch your toy or annoy you. You will miss their presence and they will always be in your mind.

Knowing what you feel and how to handle them is a good thing. You need to know;

  1. How long will you grieve?
  2. What are the things that will remind you of all things you have done with your cat?
  3. What are the things that will make you happy by just thinking of it?

These are the usual questions that can run in a person's mind if they have lost someone or an animal friend that they loved. You can also cope up with grief by;

  • Accepting that your cat is no longer alive.

When we try to process moving on of losing a beloved cat, we need to acknowledge that we no longer have them. Even though it is devastating and sad, we need to understand that there is always a time that they will be taken away from us. 

  • Be with the people who understand and love you.

People will ridicule you for grieving for a cat because they don't understand the joy they brought in your life. They will say bad things about you and your pet, that is why you need to surround yourself with people who you trust and understand what you feel. They will comfort you and help you cope up with your loss.

  • Don't blame yourself.

  • We sometimes blame ourselves for losing the life of our cat. We feel that we should have done things to make sure they are secure and protected. And we are not able to do that is why they passed away. But you don't need to blame yourself. There are things that we can't control, and they are situations that we can control. 

    There might be some instances that you could have protected them and not be able to do it because of some matters, that is alright. There is no one to blame for that. You just need to learn to accept and forgive yourself because of what happened. 

    • Understand that grieving is a process.

    We need to understand that there is a long process of how we survived grief. It is a long process that needs to be taken to move forward with life. You have to make sure that while surviving to life after losing a cat you are creating new memories that will inspire you and other people like;

    1. Make a scrapbook of all the photos of you and your cat
    2.  Making a music video of all the activities you had with them
    3. Do volunteering work and many more.

    • Rediscover your life's purpose 

    When we are caught up in making sure that we survive this phase of our life, we also stumble upon thinking about what is the purpose of our life. You can rediscover things that will help you improve yourself. Allow yourself to break free from the bondage of pain. Gain social interaction and connection.

    • Get a new pet

    Getting a new pet to help you in your healing process is fine. But you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of having a new pet while you are still healing because you might end up leaving the new pet behind if you no longer need them. We must understand that getting a pet is like having a child that you need to take care of. You need to love them, be patient with them, and care for them. 

    Losing a cat is a very difficult thing, but we need to move forward to make sure we make them proud and we will be able to get back up again to be productive people.

    Our pets are not just an animal, they are our friend, companion, and a good listener. We value them like human friends, that is why losing them is very hard.