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Remembering the Angel in Your Life After They Have Passed

We all know that there is no guarantee of life. We can't be sure when death will come knocking on our door. And when it does, the world around us changes in an instant. Our days and nights become unbearable, and we feel lonely without the presence of our loved ones. Here at Urns UK, our Angel Urns for Human Ashes are here to help you find a fitting tribute for the Angel in your life after they have passed.


These urns are a great way to remember your loved ones. They help keep the memories alive. The urns are available in different sizes, styles, and materials so you can choose one that suits your needs best. They are also beautifully designed to suit different tastes and preferences and budgets.


You can use these beautiful urns to honor your loved ones while keeping their ashes safe and secure until you're ready to bury them or scatter them in nature later on down the road when things get easier again!

What do Angels symbolize?


Angels are enduringly popular for many reasons. Many individuals believe that these spiritual forces are natural, and guardian angels are responsible for protecting them from harm and giving them guidance in their life’s journey. As a result, Angel symbolism is highly popular even today, with the meaning transcending religion to symbolize protection and care.


The concept of angels has been around for thousands of years. It is deeply rooted in religious belief systems. Still, it's also become a part of modern culture that isn't necessarily tied to any specific religion or faith. You can find angel artwork on everything from jewelry to clothing, home decor items, and even tattoos!


The term "angel" comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means "messenger." Angels were first mentioned in the Bible and have been popularized by other religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In addition to being messengers from God (God's servants), angels have also been depicted as winged creatures with human characteristics such as wings and halos. In some cases they may be represented as beautiful women or men who look like humans but have wings instead of arms or legs!


Angels are often depicted in artworks such as paintings, sculptures and photographs; however, they can also appear in other forms such as songs.


Angels have been an integral part of the symbolism of various faiths. These beings are said to be the messengers of God, working closely with God to help mortals by guiding and guarding them. As a result, the words angel and guardian angel have entered the common lexicon, regardless of your religious beliefs. We use these terms all the time to signify a morally upright and good person and someone who cares for you.


We all have angels in our lives—it's just that sometimes we don't see them or recognize them. So if you're feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, take a moment to try this exercise: Close your eyes and imagine someone who cares about you standing beside you. Picture yourself looking into their face, seeing their smile and feeling their love for you. Now imagine that same person standing behind you, supporting you from there as well. See how it feels when this person is near? That's an angel in action!