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Things to Know Before Purchasing Marble Urns

With the variety of choices today, we would want to purchase the best cremation urn for our loved ones and perhaps ourselves. Therefore, we look at the urn’s quality, style, and shape, among other factors. One of the urns you may consider buying is a marble urn because of its unique and sophisticated design and durability.

Marble urns are made from natural stone, which is why they have beautiful designs and excellent quality. It can even last forever. 

If this is your choice, here are the things you may need to know before purchasing this kind of urn.


Timeless and Elegant

    One of the most common types of urns is a stone urn. An example of this is a marble urn. This is because memorial cremation urns carved from marble have been used for thousands of years and even ancient Egyptians and Greeks know them for their durability. It is used not only for funeral urns but also for roads, statutes, and monuments.


    Natural Marble & Cultured Marble

      There can be two marble urns: natural marble or cultured marble. Marble is quarried throughout the world, including in the United States. It is formed primarily of limestone and crystallised over millions of years through extreme heat and pressure. Marble is naturally a light-coloured stone. However, it appears in many colours because of impurities present when the rock is formed. White marble, as shown in the Taj Mahal cremation urn, is pure marble created with few impurities. Colours in marble’s swirls or veins were created by minerals such as silt, sand or iron oxides present during formation.

      Cultured marble is a manufactured product invented several decades ago as a cost-effective alternative to natural marble. It is created from a mixture of stone dust, acrylic resins, and pigments to resemble marble's colour and quality. The manufactured product is durable and maintenance-free. It can be easily moulded and has many uses, such as in construction for countertops, sinks, sinks, showers, and floors. In addition, cultured marble is less expensive than natural marble. The price of quarrying and transportation automatically increases the cost of natural marble.

      Natural marble is cut and carved. There are more designs to choose from that can be aesthetically pleasing when placed in a home environment. Cultured marble urns might be more appropriate for placement in a columbarium or a cemetery.


      Minimal Upkeep

        Because of its quality, it only needs minimal upkeep. You can wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust. You can also use quality glass cleaner. Spray on a bit and wipe it thoroughly to ensure the marble urn sparkles.


        Best for Display or Burial

          Because of its unique and elegant design, a marble urn is perfect if you want to display this in your home. Since it’s also durable, you can use it for your loved one’s burial. In addition, marble provides a look of solid dignity and the reassurance that your loved one's remains are secure and protected.