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Six Granite Urns to Display at Home

One of the most common and guaranteed high-quality adult urns is stone urns. An example of a stone urn is granite. This is an elegant and minimalist urn that you can display in your home. Its colour, material, and shape speak of sophistication and durability. It is a perfect resting place for your loved one.

Here are the six granite urns, particularly Ashmore Adult Cremation Ashes Urn, Ashmore Adult Cremation Ashes Urn, and Astley Adult Cremation Ashes Urn you should consider purchasing. 

They are made from high-quality granite which results in this lovely smooth finish. A contemporary rectangular design, this piece emulates natural beauty. When buying a high-quality stone, you are getting the best quality money can buy. Two major benefits include granite's durability and minimal upkeep. This means you can rest assured knowing that your loved one's ashes will remain safe for decades to come.

Ashmore Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Range

This urn symbolises simplicity and elegance. It is available in three different colours and all of them will match the overall aesthetic of your home because the colours are all neutral.

Ashmore Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Blue Pearl

If you’re looking for an urn that is minimal, and elegant but definitely stands out, this is the perfect one. Its rich black colour speaks of sophistication but the blue pearl that shines on it makes it eye-catching and special.

Ashmore Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Moon

If you opt for an urn that has beautiful artwork on it but is still minimalistic and elegant, this one is for you. This black rectangular urn has an artwork of a stunning moon on it.

Ashmore Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Black Rose

Just like the rest of the Ashmore Adult Cremation Urns, this is still a rectangular, elegant, and durable urn. What makes this special as well is its minimal black rose design. This is perfect for the ashes of your mother, grandmother, or aunt as a flower could be a symbol of femininity.

Atworth Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Range

Nothing speaks simplicity like this urn. The Atworth is an elegant cylindrical granite urn that is perfect for those who appreciate natural beauty.

Astley Adult Cremation Ashes Urn Range

This too is a contemporary yet timeless design and an elegant cylindrical granite piece. This is available in three colours such as grey, brown, and black.

What makes these stone urns special is how their colours are neutral. If you’re looking for an urn that fits whatever style, colour, and vibe of your home you can opt for this urn. Its shape is also very simple and straightforward. Aside from that, this guarantees safety and security. You can feel rest assured that the cremains of your loved ones is preserved for decades. Although it is simple, it still standouts because of its stunning design. The simple base colour amplifies the designs—whether it is an artwork, sparkling pearls, crystal stars or stripes, among other designs. What makes this urn one of the best options as well is, because of its smooth and glossy finish, it is very easy to clean.