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Through the help of social media, communication is even a lot easier, with just one click you can connect people that are far from each other. Staying connected with the family members is the most important thing for everyone, especially when we lose someone in the family. Though some of the immediate family can’t go home physically they can still attend funerals through the help of social media.


Although, there are still negative sides to being an open book on social media especially on Facebook about  losing a family member. But there are also a lot of advantages Facebook can help you with. Facebook is not only for posting for business and other stuff you would like other people to see on your account; this is also an avenue to inform important people in your lives about what has been going on in your life.


With this, people who are grieving will never feel alone because in one post there will be a lot of people who will console you with their sympathy towards losing someone. They will also share some of their experiences in grieving and you will find it helpful in coping up with your loss. Seeing comments and encouragement from your family and friends will uplift your spirits. This is one of the positive sides of posting an important matter on social media.


Furthermore, when you plan a funeral service posting it on social media is easy because your family and friends will be informed about it. Thus, it will help you communicate with them well with the details about when and where the service will be held. It will occupy less time and allow you to do multitasking in preparing for the funeral.


At times, social media gives a way to get to know more people who we know for a long time but don't know much about them. Posting about what you feel will become a bridge to get close to them and get to know more of them as they will give their support towards you even though they are physically present at the funeral.


Social media is also a way for the fans to mourn for their favorite celebrity who passed away. When famous celebrities pass away, their fans address their sadness by posting on social media and their thumbs. For some, when their idol was cremated, they visit the columbarium where the urns and caskets of the celebrity were placed. And if they have their pets passed away with them they will be placed in pet urns beside theirs in the columbarium. This shows how they show their love and respect for them. We need to use our social media accounts wisely as they will become our greatest weapon to survive in the journey towards modernization of the world.