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Taking responsibility for a funeral service is quite stressful and this would add to the loneliness of the bereaved family. Therefore, there should be someone that will help them in preparing these matters and tend to all their needs so they will feel better and relaxed.


When someone dies and is left with debts, the family will opt out of an option that will make them spend less money but still commemorate the deceased loved ones. That is why some bereaved families prefer to have their loved ones to be in cremations and urns. This is one way to lengthen the memory of loved ones as they will be placed in a cremation urns.  And have these cremation urns ashes be blessed by a pastor, priest and other religious leaders. This is to make sure that the soul of the deceased loved one will be at peace and will be happy.


For other people, they have ashes mixed with the fertilizer soil to put up a flower garden that will help the bereaved family cope up with their loss. When a flower grows from that garden they can sell it to make money to pay for the debts and can make up the needs of the family.


The family can also put up  a flower shop that can be a family business that can last for a long time. They are not only commemorating their loved ones but they make money for it as well. It is not they are selling their loved one’s ashes but they are making use of it to support them for the needed finances.


Most of the family who are left with financial issues likes to have the mourning by themselves with some of closest relatives and friends of the deceased loved one so that they will feel the comfort they need in moments like this. Moreover, these family and friends need to help the family with some finances because at this moment they are fragile and unable to make a living to survive daily needs.


It is important that they not only feel the love, support and comfort from their friends and family but also the financial support from them so they can pay for other expenses and debts. This is the time where all families look out for each other and be a family as they are meant to be. Setting aside some issues if there are and giving a hand to a family member that is in need. Helping someone is also one way of telling them that you care and love them.

Family support is not defined merely for emotional help and comfort but also with finances. Though it is not compulsory to give them financial support if you have nothing to give, yet give what you can give is all they need. Because losing someone in the family is not easy most especially when they are currently financially challenged.