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.When you overcome grief after losing a loved one, scattering ashes will help you release all your emotions and say your promises to the person. You can cry for the last time because of the pain of losing them and move on with life. 


Grieving is the process of how we accept losing someone who we loved. People think that when you have already overcome grief, you need to forget what happened. But that is not the case. When you overcome grief, you already release the pain you have gone through after losing the person you loved. 


When you have already gone through all the pain, you will feel the relief of life. 


1.  Feeling Good 


When you have already poured your emotions after burying or scattering the ashes of your loved one, you feel relief and find yourself a reason to be happy. You know that you already free yourself from the pain you have been dealing with for losing the person. 


Though it takes days, weeks, months, or years, that is okay. There is no specific time frame on how many days you should grieve for someone you loved. People would understand your feeling. 


2. Free yourself from sobbing


Sobbing every night after losing someone is okay. That is normal. It is your way of processing the pain and accepting that the person will no longer come back. But once you get over this stage, you free yourself from crying every night. That doesn't mean you will not cry at all, but it will lessen the pain you feel. Overcoming pain is an achievement that not everyone can do. It is the hardest part of moving on. 


3. Find a friend to tell what you think.


It is hard to grieve alone. It would be best if you found an avenue to release your pain. You can talk to a friend that you trust, and you know that will understand you. Let them know how you feel about what happened.


Take your time understanding how you feel. Please share your thoughts with someone you know; it can be a close family member to you or your best friend. You can learn from their experience, and they will learn from you. Don't hide what you feel. It is normal to feel sad and sharing what you have inside your heart.


4. Help Yourself 


When people are trying to get over the pain of losing, they will lose their interest in taking good care of themselves. Once you have already overcome your pain, regain your senses and create a habit that will help you have a good healthy living.


  • You can exercise at home.
  • cook meals for yourself or your family
  • Enroll in a yoga class
  • Socialize again. Go out with friends.
  • discover new music to listen

5. Find the new meaning in life.


Find new things that catch your interest. You can have it as your new hobby and have it as an avenue to find a new meaning of life shattered when you lost the person. In this process, you may discover new things about yourself- things that you thought you are not capable of doing. But you have done. 


It is an excellent way to start fresh to look forward in life. You may ask questions about how you will be able to find a new meaning in life. You can start asking yourself these questions:


  • What are the things that you wanted to do?
  • What are the things you have experienced that made who you are today?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • To whom will you dedicate this?
  • What are you getting from these?


6. Transfer to a new home


If it is hard for you to move on from what happened, you may transfer to a home that will help you start a fresh start. You can ask help from your family member to find a new home. You can make new memories and meet new friends in your new neighborhood. 

7. Find time to travel.


Traveling is an excellent way to socialize people. You can meet new people, and you can travel to places you have not gone to yet. You will discover new things about the world and find a new interest that will spark new ideas to build business or advocacy. Having time for yourself is an excellent time to get to know yourself more. You need to set time for yourself. Pampering yourself is your quality time. 


There are a lot of things that you can do after accepting the loss. But you need to make sure that you are doing these things to help you start a new life. And will make you better than you have been before because there is no greater treasure in the world you can have if you lose the things you saved for yourself.