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Today, many people are focusing more on their emotional aspects. They want to know more about how they can control their emotions and deal with new things. Since the world faces a big catastrophe due to the worldwide spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), people want to know more about themselves better than they used to be. It is essential, especially to the people who lost their loved ones because of this pandemic. Aside from that, they need something that will remind them how life has been, like an urn necklace for ashes. They can have it as storage of the remains of the beloved family member. 

It is essential to understand ourselves to comfort other people. We need to know how well our state of being is. We can't tell people how to deal with their emotions if we cannot do good on ours. It is vital for anyone right now. There is a need to know one's feelings before one can share these emotions with others. As the saying goes, you can't tell someone you did not experience or understand. 

In this generation, the more people become conscious about how they feel and how they respond to it, the more it is popular with young children today. Children express their feelings based on how they think. Of course, they do that because that is the only thing they know at that age. They are innocent of the complicated stuff the world is about to bring into their lives. But when these emotions are tainted with events, that can break their heart. Their response is also what they see adults are doing and what they see on the television, phones or computers. 

Understanding how to feel and how to deal with it does not come overnight. It takes days, months, and years to analyze and make realizations about it entirely. That is why some people commit suicide because they want to recover fast from the emotions they have inside them. Most of them are grieving about losing a loved one and can no longer take the feeling that they are alone. They want to ease themselves faster and don't want to wait for a comprehensive understanding of their feelings because they feel suffocated.

Most of us do not know how to deal with our emotions, especially when we find out that we have lost our family members. It is the most devastating part of being human. We know we all pass away in this world. But it is hard to face the reality that as time goes by, some of the people you want to spend more time with have already gone. We deal with our emotions and grief differently because we think, act and are made differently. Yet, we all have one in common: we feel sad when we lose someone we truly love and value. 

We may express it differently because we deal with our emotions and control our tears, but we all grieve. It takes time for the deep wound that circumstances like passing before it fully heals. You will go through many things until you understand that life is not as easy as you thought when you were a kid. Things that used to be easy for you and thinking of are the most challenging part of being an adult. And it can get through you and will affect your emotional stability. 

  • Understanding the cause of your emotion

  • Knowing why you feel that way and how to handle it is not easy. It will take so much of your time. It will give a lot of things to think and analyze. But by the end of it, you will have complete control of your emotions because you already know and understand why and how to manage them. 

  • Don't pressure yourself.

  • When people keep telling you to do this because it's good for you and will help you, they care for you. But you don't need to pressure yourself on the things that are new to you. The people who care for you will understand trying new things is not an easy battle, it is the same as understanding your feelings. 

  • Feel sad when you feel sad.

  • You don't need to hide your feelings when you are sad because you don't want other people to say things about you. You need to know that you need to pretend that you are okay if you are not, as the saying goes, that it's okay not to be okay. Some people hide their feelings because they are afraid to be misinterpreted by people. They want to pretend that they are doing okay because they want pity from them. 

    It would help if you remembered that expressing yourself. You are who you are, and you don't need to be someone else to be approved by other people. Getting pity is not a crime, but make it as the foundation to be the better you. 

    Understanding our emotions is an everyday battle. It is not correct or wrong towards it. But it is the way we handle things that matters to it.