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When you lose a baby that you were already looking forward to seeing every day of your life is very devastating as part of being a parent-to-be. You wanted to remember them by having ashes of the baby added in ashes infused rings that you and your husband can wear to honor the life your baby had spent in your womb and inspire you to be strong every day. It is a representation of how love produces beautiful creation as a result. This ring helps you hope because you know that within the ring that you are wearing is part of your child. You know that no matter what happens they will always be part of your being. A personalized jewellery designed for you and your husband. 

  • Miscarriage 

  • It is hard for a mother to know that the baby she carried in her womb for a few months passed away. All the excitement you feel when you first learn that you are pregnant turns into confusion, sadness, shock, and pain. It will be a devastating moment for you and your partner. 

    You would start asking yourself what you have done to end things like this. You would envy other mothers who had the chance of seeing, hugging, and nurturing their children. It would make you wonder what the possibilities are if the baby was born.  

  • Grief

  • People would not understand how it feels like to lose a baby. They would tell you that healing will be faster because you cannot hold or attach so much with the baby. But they don't know that you bleed inside because of what you lose. 

    They don't know how much effort and love you put in to ensure that the baby will be healthy inside your womb. You had  read a book to help you with your pregnancy. You have enrolled yourself in a pregnant exercise class to ensure that you are in good shape while being pregnant. You did everything to ensure that you are doing your best to take care of your unborn child. 

  • Missing the feeling

  • Even though you are experiencing a lot of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting within your first trimester, you enjoy the experience. Because you know it is worth all the sickness you have experienced once you see your child being born. You will endure all these pains because you have a goal. 

    But when all these are gone knowing that the baby you look after for months is no longer with you makes you feel sad and lonely. You will miss the feeling of talking to the baby and reading them books. You miss craving foods that the baby would like to eat with you. 

    These are simple things, but it is all worth missing. These things are the most precious moments you had with your unborn baby. You don't want to let go of that memory because that is your source of strength to go on with life. 

  • Envy with other parents

  • Whenever you see a baby or child, you would want to spend time with them all day long to feel like having a child. You would wish that that day did not come - hen your precious angel was taken away from you. It would be the best of your life if the baby were born. It will complete you as a human being, a wife, or a father. 

    Your nieces and nephews will be your diversion of attention. You will give them the things that they need when their mother can't provide for them and sometimes act as their guardian whenever their parents are not around just because you still want to feel the love that could have come from your own child. 

    Like other parents who have children are holding their hands together while walking in a park or the mall. You want that feeling of having to spend the whole night and day with your baby. But you would end up envying them because of what they have that you don't. 

  • Memorabilia

  • All the things you and your husband bought for the baby will become memorabilia that once in your life, you had a chance to be called mother even though the child is unborn. You want to keep all the things that would remind you of the happy moments you had when the child is still in your womb. Hugging those things would make you feel the warmth of their hugs even though you have not held them yet or seen their face. 

    We know that life is always a battle that we need to survive. That includes losing the precious angel in our life. We need to fight to survive. Life is a bittersweet journey that we cry when we are happy and laugh when we are sad because we don't know where to put all the emotions when we want to hide pain and feel overjoyed. 

    We need to look forward to what is ahead of us—taking the past as our inspiration to move forward. Your journey with your unborn child is incomparable to anyone. What you have is one of a kind that you need to treasure forever.