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There are no words that can describe the pain of losing a child. The child you dream of when you are in the hype of your marriage and even when you are still looking for the right person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. But in a glimpse, it was taken away. It is hard to let go of the ashes of your dear child. You still want to be with them and remember the glorious days of your life while they are still around. As parents, you and your spouse can decide to place your child's remains in a velvet ashes bag.  

The remains of your child are safe inside it, but you can add a box where you want to place the bag. You can do this to ensure that the ashes inside will never be thrown away or spill inside the bag. It is a unique way of preserving the remains of your loved one. It is not only elegant in colour, but it adds character to the remains of your child. Thus, the type of material used is delicate, and you are sure that it is not easy to be torn and destroyed. 

It is unique storage to keep the remains of your loved ones. You are using a bag that is uncommon for people when they want to preserve the ashes of their loved ones. As you may observe, most people prefer to have an urn to keep the ashes of their loved ones. But there is nothing wrong with trying out new things, especially when it gives you convenience and security, too. 

The velvet fabric alone can give you a comforting feeling because of its unique characteristic that you would love to have and keep. Thus, it is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. Using a velvet fabric to keep your child's remains also means that you value them and want the best for your child. The comfort that it gives you is like how you want your family and relatives to comfort you. 

  • It is soft

  • Velvet fabrics are soft. They are used for bed sheets or pillowcases to help people who have sleeping disorders fall asleep quickly. Using a velvet bag for your child's remains means that you find comfort in seeing or keeping the ashes of your child close to you. Whenever you touch the fabric, you will remember the happy moments when you are still around. 

    It will surely give you comfort and relaxation whenever you touch the fabric. Thus, you can keep the bag along with the ashes inside in a wooden box so you can preserve the softness of it while securing the ashes.

  •  It is smooth

  • The smoothness of the velvet fabric used in the bag will give you peace of mind. While touching the bag and reminiscing your memories with your child, you will relax and be peaceful looking back at those memories. It is because the smoothness of the fabric helps you meditate and feel warm, as if it does know that you need to relax. And as you are carrying it, recalling all the happy memories, you feel comfortable as if your child is still alive. You will feel at ease. 

    It will remind you that you need to care for yourself because many people like to watch for you. Remember that there are always happy moments ahead of you, and you can do that with your velvet bag. And it will make you feel like your child did not leave because of the remembrance it gives you. 

  • It is beautiful and expensive.

  • Looking for the things that will suit the best for our deceased loved ones is not easy. We need to consider the emotional attachment it gives us, the quality of the material and how it will help us cope with our loss. With all these requirements we need, we can have it in a velvet fabric bag. We can surely use it to store the ashes of our loved ones. It is the best choice in storing and keeping the remains of your loved ones. 

    It is beautiful because it is delicately woven in the loom. It is the best choice you will have. Since it is wrinkle-free, touching it is a comfort you would like to have whenever you miss your child. It is beautiful because it gives you the feeling of relaxation while you are in grief. You will feel at ease at the same time.

    Even if you are still in pain because of your loss, you would like to keep touching the velvet bag because other than it has your child's ashes, the fabric itself gives you the assurance you need that everything will be alright. It may be a bit pricey, but you can never go wrong when you select the best for your loved ones. It is because it is also your way of commemorating them.