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People who have a lot of dogs and one of them passes away. Your other dogs will feel sad, and their sadness has a certain level depending on how they are close with the other dog. When you put your fur baby remains in a pet ashes box and place them somewhere in your household where your other dogs can see it, they would probably look or stare at it most of the time. 

They also grieve for their fur siblings and miss them. Even if you don't notice it, they miss their bond with your other dog. Like humans, dogs can feel the missing and loneliness too. They are incomplete without the other dogs by their side, especially if they are closer to them. They want comfort. They want your attention more than what they wish to before. 

You will notice when your dog is experiencing grief from their actions. You may see that they lose their appetite. If you are a good eater and suddenly, they lose their appetite in eating. It can be one of the signs and symptoms that they are experiencing grief and sadness because of the loss of their other companion. 

Some dogs sleep more than they usually do. They want to sleep and do nothing all day, and sometimes they would stare at the pet ashes box's all day. You may observe as well that they will become aggressive with their behaviour. They don't want to explain the pain they feel after losing a fur sibling they go along with whenever they go. You may hear them doing calling signs or vocalization for the dog who passed away. It can be a sign that they miss the pet so much. 

They also feel depressed when they can no longer hear the voice of the other dog, especially when they are close. The emotions they feel after the passing of their dear fur sibling and friend is the same feeling of a person who lost their loved one. They can sometimes feel empty and lazy. They don't want to be bothered and are sometimes irritated. The dog's reaction loss depends on how close they are with the other dog who passed away. 

Your emotions can affect how they feel too. When you lose a fur baby, you will feel sad and lonely. You will miss them, and your other dogs can sense how you react to the passing or the situation, and it can also affect how they respond to things. The longer you feel sad, the longer they feel your pain, and it goes every day as you are still feeling it. 

As their fur parent, you want the best for them, and you don't want to feel sad about what happened even though all of you in your fur family feel sad about one of your fur family members' passing. You want to stay bright and cheerful, so they see you happy every day, but you are in pain inside. No matter how much you hide it, your dogs can feel it. They have connections with you, and they know you need to let the pain go, too, like them. While all of you are in the progress of moving on from pain, you may consider doing this with your fur babies. 

Cuddle time. 

Whenever you are at home, you make time for your dogs instead of going to your room and being sad all night long because you want to let all the pain go. You can spend long hours with your pet. You can play with them and watch series that you like with them. In that way, you are uplifting their spirits and yours too. Your cuddle time can help you overcome your grief easily. 

Get them a new companion.

    If your dog does not respond well with your cuddle time because they still miss your deceased dog, you can get another dog to adopt. But if you are not ready to have one, you can prepare yourself and relieve yourself from pushing so much pressure for the sake of your fur babies. You need to take care of yourself too. Even if they need another dog to satisfy the missing feeling after losing the other one, you need to consider if you are ready. 

    Give yourself, and your dogs a pamper time.

      Caring for yourself means loving yourself too. That is why you need to have time for yourself. You can go shopping and eat the food that you like to divert your grief. And for your dogs, you can send them to a dog grooming salon where they can have their salon time. They also need pampering from the loneliness they had after their grief. 

      Buy them new treats. You can also let them have a dog gathering with their other fur friends to uplift their spirit. In that way, you can also observe how they interact with other dogs before you decide on getting one to add to your fur family. 

      Inform them about the importance of the pet ashes box in the house.

        When you tell your pet what is essential to you, they will listen and obey your command. That is why you need to introduce to them that the box is where their siblings or friends remain. Of course, they would not understand what remains. But allow them to know that the pet ashes box is there to comfort them, which is very important to the family. You can talk to them while you are pointing at the pet ashes box, so they will know that their siblings or friends did not leave their side. 

        Our dogs' emotions when other dogs are close to passing away are likely the same as how we feel when someone in our family passed away. They feel sad, pain, missing and lonely. They need us to comfort them, and they need assurance too that everything will be okay. We have an excellent connection to our dogs, and they understand how we feel. That is why we need to be careful in what we show and let them think. But you can comfort each other by always being there.