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When a butterfly visits your home, your loved ones or someone who passed away wants to check on you. Their visits are unexpected. They can fly in your garden, where you place the heart urn of your loved ones. It can also fly freely inside your house. 

Whether you believe these things or not, a visit from a butterfly gives a relaxing feeling to a person. It also means that your house is clean and gives a homey vibe to everyone. That is why the butterfly welcomes itself to enter your home. 

Aside from the butterflies, some people believe that cardinal birds are sent from heaven when they visit your house. Cardinal birds are red all over their body and black color around their face. According to research, Whenever there is a cardinal bird, your loved one is near you. If it lingers around your home, it has a message for you. 

It is folklore that many of us believe is true. For some reason, we believe things according to what people say. There is nothing wrong with it. As long as it keeps us reminded of our loved ones who passed away. Although it is unusual to believe in a cardinal bird as a messenger sent by heavens. But for others, it is their guidance to go through the process of grieving for one's loved one. 

Just like the butterflies, cardinals are a representation of the love of one's loved one. It's said that whenever there is a cardinal bird, the angels are near. That only concludes that even though they are already gone, they still want to make us feel that the love they have for us as if they never left. Thus, they symbolize a lot of things;

  1. Resurrection. Many believe that once a loved one has passed away, they will transform into animals. Their souls transcend to either butterfly or a cardinal bird. It is to protect their loved ones even though they are no longer with them physically. 
  2. Change. It is one of the characteristics a butterfly has. When our loved one passes away, a sudden or gradual change will happen in our lives. When a butterfly lands on your shoulder or in your household, there is a change that will either turn you up or down. But will comfort you with the change to come. 
  3. Endurance. We endure the days where we miss them because we can no longer talk to them. We keep ourselves together even though we are nearing broke down and cry because of our loved ones who need our support. We endure the hardship of life because we want to surpass the challenge to find beauty again in continuing to look forward in life. 
  4. Courage. For us to grow and leave all the pains away, we need to have courage. It is hard to find courage when things are slowly losing after the passing of your loved ones. But for us to move on to the next challenge of life, we need to find the courage within ourselves. 
  5. Hope. We hope to find the strength to carry on life. Even though we are weak and weary, we need to keep our hopes high because it will change the game plan for tomorrow. Life is full of surprises that we don't know where to stand, but if our hope is bigger than these worries, we can sour in stormy weather. 
  6. Transformation.  People believe that once we pass away our souls will be transferred to animals. And that will be our next life after what we have previously. On the other hand, a transformation of character is observed when we take on the responsibility left by our loved ones if they have responsibility left unsettled. 

These things symbolize the butterfly and the cardinal bird whenever they are around. They are mysterious yet have a beautiful meaning. But we have our way of remembering our loved ones. Some of us have keepsake items and carry them every day as if they are still alive. Others have their treasure box to remember about life before the loved one was gone. We do these things because we don't want to forget things that matter to us. 

The butterflies and cardinal birds are only a representation of how mysterious and beautiful life is. The heart urn you save to keep your loved ones remains long-lasting. And it is part of who you will be in the future. It is because you know that you have something to hold on to whenever you lose everything.

Knowing all these will help us better understand the life of butterflies and cardinal birds in our lives. They mean no harm. But comfort to our grieving hearts. We welcome like a true visitor that we always expect for they are heaven sent to give us a message about life.