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We respond to grief differently. It depends on the nature of the passing of our loved ones. But we always want to have something that would remind us about them, like an ashes bracelet. Something that will ease our pain of losing them. Thus, it is also our way of coping with what has taken forever.

The way we respond to the situation is different. Some of us do usual things while in the state of grieving. For others, they are delaying their grief because of other important things they have to do. We are all in the same situation, but we respond to it differently depending on the level of pain we felt during this period. 

There are different kinds of responses to grief that we can associate with how we grieve for our loved ones. You may fall on these kinds of responses of grieving. 

  • Normal Grief
  • It's a reaction where we usually feel when we lose someone we love. We feel the loneliness, guilt, confusion, or shock with the loss of our loved ones. It is also what we see that portrays in the movie about how characters react to the situation of someone's passing. Thus, normal grief tends to accept the loss gradually. They can move on from the situation they are in. 

  • Delayed Grief
  • It is the kind of response where you are in the state of denying yourself grief that causes delaying the feeling. It is not that they are avoiding it purposely, but they forget to grief because either a big responsibility that they need to do or they are caught up with work that they had no time to think about feeling the loss and pain. 

  • Complicated Grief
  • It is complicated because you are dealing with different kinds of emotions inside of you. Some people respond to this situation in a distinctive way. They will find a way to release their emotions because they can no longer bear them. At some point, it is also normal to have these intense emotions because it is a normal reaction when we lose someone we love. 

  • Anticipated Grief
  • It is a type of grief that you or your family already know that your loved one is passing and that you are waiting for the right time to say goodbye to them. However, you still feel pain and loneliness. Even though you already know that your loved ones will soon be passed away, it would not change the fact that you feel the loss and confusion along the way because you know that everything will change once they are gone. 

  • Prolonged Grief
  • It is the type of grieving where you are in the state of wanting to reunite with your loved ones. Some in this type of grief had a hard time adjusting to the situation. They are stuck at the moment with their loved ones. It is a long process for them to fully accept the loss and would still go over to the days where happy moments are what they see. 

    These are a few of the types of grieving people experience or go through after losing the people they love. We may have gone through with this type of grief but we just don't know that we are already in the situation. At some point in our lives, we can check ourselves that we are in the same situation as some of these grieves. 

    Understandably, we are want to move forward from the grief that we are in and see the world beautifully again. That is why we need to understand where we belong with our grieving because that is the time that we are able to start the process of moving to the better days of our tomorrow. It would be best to also have a remembrance that we can hold on to while we are in this process of accepting the loss. 

    You can get yourself an ashes bracelet that contains your loved ones' ashes so you will not miss them that much along the way. In that case, you will be able to see things differently as to how you see the world after hearing the news that they are gone. It can be your grieving buddy that will inspire you to move forward. 

    This would lead to a smooth sailing of your boat towards your aim of moving on. There is no need to hurry on the things that need to be processed. We need to go through it step by step so we can learn from it and apply it to any situation we will encounter in the future. Analyzing the situation we are in is the best way to move forward and recognize the things we can't control will help us walk through the shadow of dark times. We need to help ourselves to achieve our aim of better days.