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When we are in grief, we sometimes don't know that we are already grieving. What we know is that we feel empty and want to fill the emptiness with something to replace it. When it becomes overwhelming, we don't know what to do or where to start controlling these emotions. 

When we lose someone we loved, we don't know how to express ourselves. That is why there are stages of grieving that we encounter during this sad time; denial, regret, anger, depression, and acceptance. We experience these things while we are in the process of accepting the reality of losing a loved one. 


It is the defense mechanism of a person who is still processing the loss. It is the stage where the person is trying to convince themselves that nothing will change. Denial gives them the time to absorb everything. You may surpass this level of grief but, some things will trigger your emotions. 


Sometimes when a loved one dies, we blame ourselves for not taking good care of them or express our love for them. Regret sometimes proceeds to guilt, not to give time for them while they are still alive, and neglect all their opinions and bits of advice. 


When you have regrets about the things you are supposed to give to your loved ones, it will sometimes lead to anger. You will start blaming yourself for what happened and den the happiness you deserve because of it. Often, this anger poured out to other people or anyone in your family. 


Unlike other stages of grief,depression is another level of struggle where all your emotions intensify because of the loss. It is the boiling point of what you feel. It is the stage where you already absorb everything and try processing them within you. You may choose to distance yourself from other people while getting through this. You will feel heavy inside your heart and confused at the same time. 


It is the stage where you accepted the reality of losing a loved one and gaining an angel who will look over you. Acceptance doesn't mean that you moved on from the pain, but it is the part where you can start creating new memories. You understand that losing them doesn't mean losing them forever, but they are still with you in spirit and your heart.In accepting the loss, you may also acquire for you may have bracelet urns as a reminder whenever you go. There is always a piece of them with you that you carry wherever life takes you. 

It may not be the same case for everyone when it comes to dealing with grief. But whatever you do to overcome these trials of life, be strong and never give up for all these things shall pass away. You will regain your strength and smile to move forward in life.