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The happiness and sadness that a father felt when he sends his child to school for the first time is an overwhelming emotion. It made them cry and laugh - a roller coaster ride of emotion. They are happy because it is a new milestone for their child. They feel sad because they can no longer have their child for themselves alone. 

They need to share them with the world and will meet new friends. It is a normal emotion for a father or any other parent to feel this. It is part of the journey of being a parent. As kids grow up, the parents guide them to be good citizens. 

Parents remind them that sometimes the world is cruel yet they can always surpass every challenge because they have a father who will help them. As they hit puberty, they will go with their own decision and sometimes disobey their parents But as a father, one needs to understand that their kids are just  the normal cycle, just as when they were their age. 

They would sometimes rebel and won't listen to you because they believe they are already at the right age to decide for themselves. Sadness and happiness will be overthrown by worries, as they will get to explore the world and make mistakes. 

You would hope that they will not go through the same mistakes you had. As you send them to college, the more sadness and worry you would feel because you can no longer look after them, and you will not be there to comfort them whenever they are disheartened. You will miss them and want to have them in your arms like you used to have when they are still young. 

But it’s a different pain  as  a father when you can no longer see your child forever. You will lose all your strength to go on with life. You would feel that the world is unfair for giving you a short time to be with them. You would sometimes ask God why this had happened to you when you have prayed to become a father. You have given one but were taken away from you for only spent time with them for a short period. 

It is hard to lose a child that you have prayed for all the years of your life before building a family. You prepared yourself to be a father so that you will be ready when they arrive. But you were struck when they took away from you forever. 

You lose all your appetite, the meaning of being productive, and the reason to be happy. You will ignore these emotions you feel inside because you need to work for your family and provide for their needs and be strong for them.  

Crying doesn’t mean you’re being weak. You can shed a tear if it helps you relieve the pain. You are human. A human who feels pain, happiness,and sadness. You also need comfort from a loved one. 

You need something that will ease your pain and will remind you that your child is still living in your heart for the rest of your life. You can have the remains of your child placed in an ash urn jewellery to remind you that they never left your side. It can be a tribute to how amazing they have changed and put colors to your life.