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Grieving is the individual's lowest point of life that a person can experience. You grief because of simple things that you can’t achieve in life. You can also associate grief with the saddest part of your life.


But it is commonly customary when you lose someone, or a loved one has passed away. They say grieving is a normal thing when someone loses a loved one. When someone grieves, they are not feeling one emotion; all the emotions they have inside will come out, and sometimes they don't know how to deal with them.


That is why they need someone who will listen and comfort them throughout this time. However, not everyone is privileged to have someone to talk to and rely on. It is like the person who loses the loved one is alone and has no family to assist and talk about their sadness.


Indeed, no man's an island. but out of all the people, few lived their lives alone; isolate their lives from the many people to find peace. They prefer this living because they are their family's family.


When they lose the other half or all their loved ones, they choose grief alone and absorb all the sadness alone. Some of them experience all kinds of emotional and mental battles. They had to be independent because they have no one to trust after the person they loved passed away.


These people might be tough from the outside, but they are so vulnerable from the inside. They are showing everyone that they are brave to hide their weakness. It is hard for them to open up to anyone because they are afraid to be judged or misunderstood.


They have so much pain inside that they don't know how to let it go and find peace in their grief. They may be strong from the outside, but they are also humans who need another human to understand them and listen to them. Their battles are too high for them that they might drown in it.


They don't have the right avenue to let go of the pain. They need someone who will lead them to the right person to help them. If you know someone who undergoes this kind of situation, try to talk to them. Don't try to be the person who would give them all the advice but be the person who will listen to them.


They don't need someone who gives them advice because they will tell you that they already heard all the advice in the world. It will just result in a refusal to listen and walk away from you. Instead of getting close and getting to know the person, they will ignore you by doing these things.


We need to get to know them first and understand their situation before diving into suggesting to seek help in their battles. Put yourself in their shoes to empathize with them. Allow them to open up to you naturally so they will feel comfortable. Once you do this, you will get close to them. It would be an opportunity to help them heal. You may introduce them to other activities that help them move on with pain. You can offer them keepsake jewellery that will make the pain more bearable.


When you help someone in this battle, make sure you do it from the heart. The things done from the heart are more beautiful and will surely change lives.