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When we think of keepsake jewellery for a little girl, we would like to have something appropriate for the age and in line with their interests. Not all little girls would like to have a gemstone in a necklace, and some would like to have a flower design in their ornaments. That depends on what they are into these days. But you can give a girl a keepsake that has a flower design. Especially when it helps them in their grieving process. 

You can customize a keepsake jewellery for girls that has a flower design in it. You may want to consider checking the meaning of some of the flowers before deciding what you would like to have;

White Carnation

This flower represents purity and innocence. You can consider adding this flower to your list of choices when planning to design one for a lovely girl. It is like how children see things in life. They are innocent in everything they do. Even though they know what is wrong or right, we always consider them an innocent mistake. 

And when they experience it for the first time, it is the most heartbreaking news they will hear and break their hearts. They are true to their feelings and emotions. Having a white carnation-like keepsake will remind them of their innocence. 

White Camelia

When you give them a keepsake that has a shape like a white camelia, it is like you are telling them you adore them and ease their sadness because they know they have someone they run to whenever they feel lonely. But if the child does not know about the white camelia, you can explain why you choose to have it for them instead of the flowers they know. It will put a smile on their face. 

Pink Carnation

Most girls like the color pink and would love to have it as their jewellery. If they have one and are designed in flower, they will be thankful to you and adore from the moon and back. Because the meaning of a pink carnation is I will never forget, it is the same as you telling them they will never forget a loved one's love for the rest of their lives. 

Red Chrysanthemum

If you are going to give a Red Chrysanthemum keepsake jewellery, you want to let them know you love them. These three words are the only thing a child would like to hear if they are in sorrow and pain. You are comforting by telling them that you love them. 

On the other, you can also give your little boys something that would spark their interest. Boys would love to wear things that they think are cool. You may consider getting them;

Animal design keepsake

Some little boys like animals and want to have every animal they know in their room or every item they have. Giving them an animal design keepsake bracelet or necklace will help divert their attention from pain to happiness. 

Building blocks design keepsake

A unique design would make the boys go crazy about things. You can have this design customized for your children or young loved ones who are going through the painful event of their lives. It will help them feel at ease and comfortable. 

Instrument keepsake bracelet

Giving something to a little boy who's interested in music would make them feel cloud nine. It will help you comfort them and take away the grieving easily. It is an artful way of telling them you value them and love them. They would feel that they are also important because when people are busy with funerals and all, we sometimes forget to pay attention to small details our kids want. Giving this would mean so much to them. 

As adults, we want to make sure that every child is comforted whenever a loved one passes away. We want them to understand that there are things out of our control. And some are right in the palm of our hands. We want to tell them that every day is a new day to celebrate even though a loved one is gone. But there are some kids. 

Giving comfort to the child is more complicated than giving comfort to adults. It is because they are innocent about the things around them. When they feel they are missing the person, we don't know how to tell them about what happened. We need something that would help us understand things. And we don't want to take away that innocence at an early age.

But we want them to be aware of losing a loved one. You can use the keepsake you gave the kids in explaining what happened and what will happen in the future, so they will not be confused and left behind with the information. It is because they need to know everything but in a different kind of way.