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Fathers are the best when it comes to things that are unusual to their kids. They are the ones who would pull out some pranks or play that their kids would be so amazed. Their children’s laughter is what they need to relieve all the stress they have from work. Not all dads can go home every day with their families. Some would take months or years before they can be with them. And sometimes, they go home in ashes because they lose the battle to defend the land. What their family received is their ashes that they can place in a memorial ring for ashes. It will be set as a reminder of his bravery. 

It is the saddest part of a family member. Whose man of the house is not around because they are serving the country. They would battle for their life every day. It is traumatizing the family every day- and every time he is not around. That is why when their father arrives home in ashes, the world turns upside down too. 

The mother does not know how to explain to their young children what happened to their dad. And every time they would mention his name, it is like a wound that has been stabbed every second of every day. It is not an easy battle for the family of our dear soldiers. They can’t sleep or eat without thinking about their father being out there in the dark and sacrificing his life for the motherland. 

Life is short, but being a soldier makes it shorter. They no longer have much time for their family. They can't witness the first words of their child. And even be there for their wives while they are giving birth. It is hard to be away from the family. But they have to make sacrifices for the country and the people living in it. 

If you know someone who experiences this kind of situation, they need your comfort and support to survive each day with a smile. Even though they are hurting, they still need to smile because smiling can ease the numbness and pain of the heart. You can talk to them. Make them feel that what they are going through may be tough, but they are strong to survive it. 

Talk to them nicely.

There might come a time that they will become rude because of what they feel. The family is going through a rough time in their lives, even though it is not an excuse to be rude. But you need to understand they are still in the process of understanding the emotion building inside them. 

It is normal for them to be easily angered because of the mixed emotions they have. If they go overboard with things, talk to them nicely. Make them understand that they have done wrong, and they need to apologize or correct it. Refrain from scolding them and say harsh words to them because they are still vulnerable. It would be better if you are careful with the words you say to them. 

Be kind to them.

When you feel that they need something and you can provide it for them, you can lend a helping hand. They are sometimes shy to ask for help, especially when they are not used to doing it. Offering help would be better. It is also a good way of talking to them.

You can also use it as a way to get close to them and know more about their family story. And how their father or husband passed away. It is the most effective way of making friends with people who are grieving. Don't close your doors with new things in life. 

Be consistent.

If you are already making friends with them, make sure that you are constantly checking on them. Every man needs one consistent friend that they can lean on. If you want to make sure that they are doing okay, you need to check and talk to them. It does not mean that you need to spend the whole day talking to them and leave some important things neglected. No, It is not like that. You need to check on them from time to time. 

Consistency does not need every second and minute of checking. They will end up getting annoyed instead of loving your presence in their household or their lives. You also need to consider their time and space for everything they want to do. But in case that they need your help you are always willing to help. 

No pain can compare to losing a father, a husband, and a loved one because of war. The family can't choose to hold them down. And pin them inside the house because they have an oath to the country and the citizens thereof. Even though it is hard to cope with their passing. But moving forward is the only way to heal.