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It is hard to grieve when you are pregnant. You are sensitive to all things; people around do not upset you or make you cry because it affects the baby in your womb. As you grieve lost loved ones, you can wear an ashes ring to lessen your missing for a loved one. It can help you divert your attention for a while. 

Being pregnant while you are experiencing grief is very hard. You need to avoid being so into being sad and getting depressed. When you are pregnant, you are more prone to getting all kinds of emotions. It is normal to grieve, but it is a different condition for women who are pregnant. They need more care and understanding. 

Since they are in the phase of their life where they feel mixed emotions, they are more likely to get so emotional and think things under this situation. This sadness they felt may lead to sickness. 

We don't get to the point where things are worse than we thought they would be, and it's too late to have it prevented. We want to avoid all types of risks to them and miscarriages.

Things we need to do for pregnant women who are grieving are;

  • Research

  • You need to know what things help them relieve their stress and what causes their anxiety aside from the loss of loved ones. There are a lot of events, food, smell, etc. that will trigger stress. You also need to see what stage of pregnancy she is so you can assist her with the things she needs. 

  • Therapist

  • You may ask for help from a therapist that will help her with the thoughts and emotions she feels. You need to make sure that the therapist you choose is licensed. Because there is a therapist who would offer their services but they are not licensed to do so. This might trigger or endanger both the mother and the child in the womb.

  • Let her listen to the music
  • We all know that music will calm the person even if they are mad or not in the mood-music helps them feel alive. When you let a pregnant woman listen to music it would set the mood for her. She will no longer think about grieving for a while and will make her relax as the baby. 

  • Ashes Ring
  • You can give a pregnant woman something that she can have as a remembrance of a dear loved one. They are sentimental during this time and what you give to them is very valuable. You giving them a ring with some of the ashes of their loved one will make them happy. The happier they can be, the baby will be happy too. 

  • Take a counseling
  • You are not in trouble at all if you seek help from anyone with your wife or anyone who is pregnant in the family. You can enroll yourself or the pregnant woman in counseling to help them release their pain and their stressor. They need professionals to assist them better and give them proper diagnoses as to what to do and what to drink.

    Pregnant women are confused about how to deal with their change of moods. They want to feel secure that they are still in the normal phase of their pregnancy and what they do is just right for pregnant women. The counseling will help them;

    • Understand about insecurities 
    • How will they fight the sadness
    • How they will move on from what happened
    • They can open up to what they feel

    Even if they talk to other people about the pain they are going through, they can't give them the right advice and prescription on how to deal with it. That is why they need a professional counselor to help them go through it. 

  • Give them a hobby
  • To divert attention to grieving, you need to let pregnant women look for something that will make them busy. She needs to set aside the pain she has inside and focus on the hobbies she is more likely to do. This will help them release their stress and feel happy. They will appreciate the things you are doing for them. When they are busy with something, you need to make sure that they also eat and drink at the right time.

    When they are focusing on doing something, they will become lazy in getting up and preparing for their food. They will just endure their hunger and continue with the work. But giving them something they can be busy with can help them cope up with grief because they will no longer count days until they bury the loved one.

    There are a lot of things that you can prepare for pregnant women in order to lessen their stress. You only need patience and understanding that they are undergoing hormonal changes because of pregnancy. They always feel tired because of the heaviness of the child inside the womb. Let us be patient and understand them.