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There are a lot of things you can do to commemorate your loved ones. You can do simple things that will help you remember them. Having a locket for ashes is one of them. You can have a locket where you can hold the photos of your loved ones.

Wherever you go, you have something to bring with you to remind you that there is love untarnishable. You can be with them without seeing them through the locket you have attached to your necklace. 

Most people think that having a locket will take you back from the old times where all things are clear. For them having a locket is an achievement. But it will be more meaningful if the locket has pictures of your loved one. It will give you hope to never give up in life. There a lot of benefits to having a locket;

  • It is for storage for small items or pictures
  • Lockets will never run out in fashion. 
  • You can mix and match your locket to your outfit.

Having a locket for ashes will save you from missing a loved one so much. It will give a little bit of peace after grieving and an assurance that your loved ones stay in your heart. 

Before getting a locket for a lost loved one, you must know what you want to consider upon buying a locket. 

  1. Cost

We need to know how much we are going to spend on the item. Locket for ashes sometimes costs double than the usual lockets. When you get a locket, make sure that it is within the budget allocated to spend.

  1. Durability

The style of the locket is not only elegant and fashionable but also durable. Lockets are supposed to last for a long time. If we have lockets, we need to see to it that they will last longer. It needs thorough thinking about what locket you will have.

  1. Design

When you choose a design for your locket, you can choose something that they would like to remind you of their presence. You can engrave a smiling face to remember the smile whenever you look or touch the locket. Engrave the name on the locket and make sure that you can feel the roughness of the letters, so you can spell the names while touching them. It will surely put a smile on your face. 

  1. Color

When you are done choosing the right design for the locket, you can start choosing the color for it. You can either have your favorite color or theirs. You need to make sure that the color will complement the design that you have. There are a lot of colors to choose from, and you will love them all. But you need to select the color that fits into your style and the design of your locket. 

  1. Necklace chain

When you have a locket, you also need to have a chain that will hold your locket. It will serve as a bridge between you and the locket that you have. When you have both, you will have the perfect necklace that you want to wear wherever you go. 

Lockets are part of necklace-like pendants. In life, we are part of someone's journey, and just like necklaces. When it is broken, you can fix them but you will become part of the chain and it will become shorter. Our life is short, as it is foretold in the bible. But when a loved one passes away, it seems that our life is cut even shorter. 

We try to fix it but it will never be the same because all the people whom we used to laugh and giggle with are no longer with us. But we need to stand firm to fight the battle of grief. We need to overcome it to set free ourselves from the bondage of pain. 

With your personalized locket, you can remember all the memories you have created with them. Allow it to help you move on from the pain life has given you and may it be a reminder to be thankful still for the amazing journey you shared with them. They may no longer see it but they will know that you love them because of the locket you made for them. 

It may not be an extravagant item, but the simple things are the most wonderful things that are sometimes forgotten by many. Being simple doesn't mean less effort. But you prioritize the value of the piece over having it so glamorous. And forget the reason why you made a locket for yourself. 

They know that you are thankful that you have them in your life even if it is a short journey. They may not be able to tell you this anymore but the smile that you make whenever you think of them is a manifestation of how thankful you are to them.