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The feeling of losing a mother is very devastating. You lose the person who gives you advice about things. She is the one who loves to bake at home and do grocery shopping. She understands you even though you are not saying anything. In honor of her life, you place her remains in an ash urn to bring her home.

When you lose your mother, you will lose the usual things that you look forward to every day;


  1. Her kisses

Mothers always give their children kisses even if they are already grown up. They still see their children as a baby and will always pamper them as a young child. They give you kisses before you go to work, school, or anywhere you go. In the night time, they will welcome you with kisses when you come home. 

  1. Her advice

Whenever you feel sad and lonely, the person who you run to is your mother. The shoulder that will always open for you if you're father is not around. She gives you advice even if you don't ask it because she knows you needed it. Mothers know their children very well, and they want to comfort their children. 

  1. Her cooking

When she is gone, you will miss her cooking—the taste of her cuisine. The ambiance of the kitchen whenever she's around. The memory of dominating the kitchen. 

  1. Her smell

Mothers have this comforting scent that we wanted to smell. And whenever you need a hug, you know who you can run to at home. They have these homey feelings which will warm your heart. And that is the feeling that you surely missed when your mother was gone. 

  1. Her attitude towards things

Our mothers have their way of dealing with things. They sometimes get mad whenever they lose control over things. But they know that if it's for the family's safety, she will do anything for the family. 

They commit mistakes, they are human, and they are not perfect. We need to understand that there are circumstances that they will get overboard of their anger, or sometimes they will keep silent. They know how to fight, and they know when the battle is not worth it. 

All she thinks is that she needs to be the mother and the wife that her family can be proud of for every situation. She needs to give her best foot forward. 

She's also the liaison officer in the family whenever dad is not around. She is also the treasurer because she budget's the meal for every day. She is the person who does all things to help dad manage the home. 

You know that you awe a lot from her, from the time you were born and the moment you decided to live independently. She never leaves you hanging, though she nags at you whenever things are not in place or something goes wrong. But that is what mothers are. They are there to remind us of the things that we often forget.

They remind us of the small things that we tend to forget and neglect. We sometimes forget to say thank you to them. We have regretted not saying I love you to them while they are still with us. 

By the time their ashes urns are given to us, we remember all the things we used to do with them and everything we haven't done yet. We feel their love and understanding. The ashes will serve as a comfort for you and your family. She wanted to make sure that all of you will be okay and be comforted by her still even though she is no longer with you physically. 

It will allow you and your family to visit her at any time because having an ashes urn for your loved ones is a flexible way to remembering their love for you. Through the jars where her ashes lie, you can still remember her love for all of you. 

It is always one way of honoring them. There is no need for a grand memorial because the simple ones are the most memorable for the family. Allow the jar of her ashes to be a reminder that her love will remain in your hearts forever and will never depart until the day you will meet again. 

You know deep in your hearts that their love, advice, and teaching will always remain within you. You are carrying it wherever you go. They may depart from this world, but nothing will separate their love for you. You will always have her in your memories. 

Mother's love has no boundaries as whenever and wherever the love they have for their family will remain overflowing. That is one fantastic thing about mothers. They are a tremendous example of how humanity respects and loves each other.