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Loneliness is the common emotion you feel when you lose someone dear to you or your family. But for a father who lost his child at a young age is a whole different thing. He is not just lonely, but he lost a reason to move forward in life. He needs something that can represent the bond they have with his son, like a fingerprint ring

When the funeral is done, and all people have taken their way home, all the emotions will come out on their way and hit him. He would sneak into a space in the room and cry. He doesn't want to look weak or crying. For him, the best way to grieve is to be strong for the remaining members of the family. 

He lost his child and wishes that he was there when he gets old. He wants him to experience things that he had when he was his age. Giving him pieces of advice when he likes a girl and how he would win her heart or meet his daughter's suitors. He lost that opportunity with them.

Though he thinks that things would still be the same, when realized that doze off for many days and when wakes up, he no longer had a son. That is when things change. His approach towards people and how he communicates with other family members. There is also a change of emotions and behaviors, like;

  1. Easily Angered. Fathers are patient, but when their emotions stir up because of what happened, they get easily angered and annoyed, especially when little kids are noisy. 
  2. Lazy. Some fathers would work hard to forget that they are grieving. They change their focus so that they will not dwell in pain. But for some, it is not the case, they can't seem to get back on their feet and start all over again. They feel that when they lose their child, they lose the hope to move forward and they are sometimes afraid to face the reality. That is why they prefer to be lazy and do things that divert their attention other than work. 
  3. Frustration. Fathers want the best for their family. He wants to provide everything with all his might. But at this point, when they are not able to grieve for their child they get so frustrated in every little thing that is not according to what they wanted. They are sensitive to things and sometimes people or family members misunderstand them. 

Some fathers can't express their true feelings about losing a child because they feel that if they are weak, no one else will be strong for their family. They don't have someone to lean on when they are tired of sadness and grief. And this is what we sometimes don't see behind that strong image they portray outside is the soft and delicate person inside. They also need comfort and understanding.

They need time to heal. They need time to process things and accept reality. They are our superheroes. Superheroes need some time to rest and meditate on things for themselves. It is not easy to be a father, but they are doing their best even if it means setting aside their emotions. 

They also need to unwind. They also want to be appreciated because when they know that we value all the things they do for us, they will renew their strength to move forward with life. Sadness is what reigns the most in their hearts at this point. You can give him a token that will lighten up his mood and change his mourning into joy.

If you are his friend or loved ones and wanted to put back the glow in his eyes, you may consider getting him a fingerprint ring. It will brighten his mood because you made an effort to give him something to ease his loneliness. The fingerprint on the ring will be his child's fingerprint. You can ask someone in the morgue or in the crematorium to take a fingerprint of his child, so you can surprise him with this token. 

When he knows that someone notices his sadness and cares for what he feels, he would be happy to take everything you give him. It would mean so much for him and he would surely treasure it for the rest of his life. We can only do something for someone we love or care about, but these little things can create a big and wonderful impact on someone's life. 

You know that all your efforts are not put to waste. You can also have his child's on the fingerprint ring so it would be more beautiful. All you need is to have an open heart to all these kinds of stuff for these men because they are not just ordinary men, they are our everyday superheroes.