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When you want to honor your loved one on their special day, you would think of things you know will make them happy. Even though they are not around to celebrate with you, you know that making an effort to make their day special makes everyone in the family happy too. Your family knows that you are doing your best for them to remember the dear loved one. Your teardrop urn will help you to let them remember the things your loved one likes to do when they are still alive.

You also know that they missed the person and want to commemorate the laughter and the joyous memories they had. As a family member, you want to ease their absence and find a way to make them feel comforted. But aside from gathering them on that day, you may also try new things for them. You may try these things:

  • Writing a Letter.

When you are writing a letter, it will help you release a certain emotion that you were not able to say when your loved one is still alive. Those things make you tongue-tied because you don't know how to say it. You may also ask your family members to write letters of all the things they want to say. And you can do it one by one to inform everyone. 

  • Visit their grave

It may not be new to you when you want to remember your loved one. But it is also an effective way to honor them because going out in the house nowadays is mind-boggling because of the virus. Making an effort to go to their grave to remember their birthday or any special day is a labor of love you have shown to them. You may also suggest this with your family with precautionary measures making sure that everyone is safe. And following the health guidelines so everyone will be safe from any virus. 

  • Share their story.

If your sibling passed away because of an illness or in an accident, sharing their stories is a beautiful way to honor them on their birthday or any special occasion for them. You can inspire people by sharing how they lived their lives and how they passed away. You can organize a small talk in a health center that has the same illness as your loved ones. You may also create an account on Facebook so you can reach out to people who experience the same journey as you and your family after losing a loved one over sickness. 

  • Create a Memory Jar

It is the best way to honor your loved ones because creating a memory jar takes a whole lot of effort and creativity. It is also a good way to reminisce- remembering the happy memories you shared. You can collect all the things that you treasure that reminded you of them. That will be an amazing way to commemorate your loved ones' glorious days. 

  • Clean the teardrop urn of your loved ones.

They say the simplest thing you can do for a loved one who passed away is either clean their grave if they are buried or clean their urns. For others, cleaning a loved ones' urn is very detailed because you need to check that every detail is clean and do not miss out on anything. Cleaning your loved one's urns can be done every day if they are in your house. But cleaning on their special would be nice. 

We like taking good care of them every day-like how we take care of our loved ones while they are still alive. We are so delicate in cleaning the urns like humans because they might break. We want to make sure that we clean the urn carefully so it will retain its beauty. It is the same as how we value everything about our loved ones. We don't want them to get hurt or have any scratch on their body. 

We have our ways on how we celebrate a special occasion. That is why we want to celebrate and commemorate it with our beloved family members. And these occasions will help your family to get closer. A way to patch things up from old arguments. 

One thing is for sure. You don't need to do things that are already out of your way because you want to make things perfect for your loved ones. The simplest form of celebration and commemoration that you can organize or set up for your deceased loved ones would be enough. We know our limitations. If we go beyond it, things might get messy. We don't want anything that will ruin the moment that is supposed to be fun and memorable. 

By the end of the day, your family appreciates all the things you do for them. The love and effort you put into making the special day memorable. You can never go wrong with things if you put your heart into them.