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It is hard to grieve for a loved one during this time. The world is in a state of devastation because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Instead of holding a traditional burial so other family members can see the person on the last day, many families opted for cremation. They can have a pendant for ashes for loved ones, so they can still grieve with their own family silently.

There are advantages of having the ashes of a loved one in a pendant:

  1. It is flexible

Cremation is an in-demand burial process nowadays because it is an easy way to have the remains of loved ones be brought home. Since the remains have been converted into ashes, family members can have a pendant with the ashes of the departed loved ones.

  1. It is convenient

Having the ashes of your loved ones in a pendant means you can bring them with you anywhere you go. It is convenient because you are hitting two (2) birds in one (1) stone, a remembrance of your loved one, and an accessory that you can use whenever you want.

  • You can have the pendant attached to a broach.
  • You can have replaced the chain of your pendant according to the outfit you are wearing.

  1. You can customize your pendant.

One thing about having a pendant for a loved one is that you can be as specific as you like. All you need to do is look for a designer that will accommodate all your requests. In customizing jewellery, you need to know what you want and the best design for your pendant.

Understandably, we have many things that we like, but there is always one thing that you want the most out of all of them. Indeed it needs a lot of thinking and consideration. Sometimes, it will take up so much of your time. But it is just customary because you are doing it for yourself and your loved ones. 

  1. Fashionable

Having customized pendants with your loved ones' ashes doesn't mean they need to be old-fashioned. They can be up to date and timely according to the trends in today's era. Being fashionable is being true to oneself. That includes being truthful about the things that you like to see adorned in your body. Thus, a pendant symbolizes the wholeness of the accessories you have. 

  1. Pendants are the representation of oneself. 

The pendant of your choice is the best thing that describes you. It is above your chest in the middle of your throat because it is you, and sometimes it's what you feel. That is why choosing the right pendant is a meticulous thing to do for people who value the items hanging in their neck and what is worn in their arms.

You need to check if the pendant you are wearing is:

  • It gives a beautiful meaning. Though you may choose the design of your pendant to wear, you need to know if the pendant holds a different purpose. 
  • If it looks good on you, you can wear it. We often have this attitude about wearing things like; sandals, shoes, skits, etc.; that we would like to wear them even though they don't look good on us. 
  • If it is pleasing to the eye since we want to have the pendant design represent us, we need to see that the design is soothing to the eyes and will bring a smile at anyone who sees it. 

  1. Variations of style

Wearing a necklace with a pendant has different styles. You can have a charm that is unique and only made for you. It varies according to your likeness. You can have lockets, crystal, a cross, or a teardrop. 

  • Locket. These are types of pendants where you can place a letter, photo, or a tiny chamber that holds the ashes of your loved ones. It doesn't have a specific shape.
  • Crystal. These pendants are suitable for people who like to socialize and go out to a formal event. You can still combine the ashes of your loved ones to its chemical to have it on your crystal pendant.
  • Cross. You can opt out for a cross-design pendant that has crystal combined ashes with your loved ones in the middle of it so there is still a touch of your loved one with it. 
  • Teardrop. It is a kind of pendant that is quite big that can hold your loved ones' ashes and can also give you that elegant vibe. 

Since cremation is at its top rank for the burial process in today's generation, you may consider these things before getting the right pendant for yourself when in a pandemic. It is hard to grieve fully for your lost loved one because of the restriction coronavirus has brought, but with the pendants for ashes for your loved ones, the pain may become little bit bearable and will give peace of mind that they are in the place at the Father's hand.