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We see things differently and how we see life ahead of us. We plan, think and choose the path we would like to go in the future. But when someone we loved passed away, things changed drastically. The next thing we know, they are gone, and we keep them in an ashes keepsake to remember. 

It is hard to keep up with the things life is giving us. Today, we are in the hype of everything that we wanted, and by the next day, our faith is going down because of the circumstances of life. And we want to hold to the person we trust, someone who knows us better than ourselves. But they are gone, and we don't know where to run. 

Life is like a book. We are writing stories that we can share with others. We can go with fiction that talks about our superheroes. We can go non-fiction, where we can write all our aspirations in life, where we can write the things we want. And a lot of people will get inspired by it. We can be the author of our own stories. 

We read different books depending on what genre we are likely to relate because that will hook us until the last page of the story. That is what our life is like. We are of different genres. Some of us are fictions that someone had saved them from the difficulties of life. Others are drama because they go through the hardship of life, where hard work meets opportunity and success.  

There is also romance where the boy meets a girl, and they go through all the challenges in life. That is what we get with our journey in life. But the genre that everyone would not like to have is losing someone they love. It would take them a lot of courage before reading this kind of book. 

That also goes with our life. We don't want to lose anyone that we love. We protect and care for them to be safe and live longer than we know. But they are taken away, and in a blink of an eye, the things that used to be normal will be unusual.

We lose a part of our life that can no longer recover. But with the modernization of things, we can now keep them close to our hearts. That is why ashes keepsakes will help us feel comforted even though our loved ones are no longer here with us. 

  • It is a refuge. Whenever we are in trouble and confused with things. We need to be calm and find something that will help us find peace within our hearts. Having an ashes keepsake will help you because you know that inside that keepsake is your loved one that you trust whenever you want a piece of advice. 
  • Reminder. We are in a world where everyone moves forward in an instant. The next thing we know, there is a new trend that everyone follows, and things that we used to loved are no longer found. But keeping an ashes keepsake will remind you that no matter what this world would give you, the things you love will remain in your heart forever.
  • It is a treasure. You want to keep all the memories you have with your loved ones. Aside from the photos you have together, you want something that you can treasure for the rest of your life. It is hard to let go of people who we loved so deeply. Let your ashes keepsake be the most cherished treasure you have.

We struggle every day to keep up with life. And how we overcome the sadness of losing people that we loved. We are sad because of them, but they are also the reason for all our smiles. They inspire us to look forward to life. Achieve the goals we have for ourselves. 

They are our strength in our weak days. They keep us going because we know by the end of every goal. No matter what the result is, they are proud of us. We only need to find hope in everything we do. Every single thing is worth it if we have done our very best.

There are always ups and downs in life. We only need to be brave and courageous to fight all the hindrances it gives us. Those who work hard and never give up will survive in the battle called life. And allow the ashes keepsake you have as one of your reasons to have faith in things that are seen. For we live by faith and not by sight because if we believe in the things we see with our naked eyes, we limit ourselves to the wonderful things this world has to offer. 

Ponder upon the things that matter to you and see the importance they have in your life and you would appreciate every once of every day with them.