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Falling in love is a magical thing that no one can ever give you an exact explanation of why they fall in love with the person. It will last until the day they pass away. That is what they called true love. This true love won't fade away, and you can keep this through having keepsake urns for human ashes for your loved ones. 

Giving someone love and affection is never easy because it will take your time and effort. And, you would like to be loved by that person too. But if the other half that you longed to spend the rest of your life with is gone in a glimpse, you will lose your whole being. You don't know when and why you are getting up. You want to stay in that moment where all the magic happens.

You want to dwell in your imagination that they are still with you even though, in reality, they are gone and will no longer come back. Though it is sad, you must move forward with your life and make a whole again because somewhere out there, you hope that they are watching over you and would not want you to succumb to grief. 

They want you to be happy again, but you would ask yourself how you can be happy if the happiness you are looking forward to seeing each day is no longer around. You still want to be with that person, and you gather all the photos you have with them as memories. That is fine because you are still grieving for your loss. But allow yourself to go out from the comforting pain you are experiencing by hanging out with friends and loved ones.

Though time is short for the both of you, you can keep their memories with the keepsake urns for human ashes. It may not be the person itself, but it is the representation of the person. 

  • It will allow you to remember your memories together.

Though it is only a representation of the person you love, it will keep you reminded that you are blessed with the memories you have with them. Those magical moments you experience together will linger in your memories forever. Some will tell you not to think of things that will remind the person because it will give you heartache but remember the person and the moments you shared to make it your foundation to move forward in life. 

  • Keep you sane whenever all around you are in chaos.

When all things surrounding you become the shadow of eternal chaos, allow the urns to keep you sane because you will be reminded that you need to be calm amidst the storm. Some people will talk behind your back and stare at you like you have committed an unforgivable crime, but all they do is just stare and gossip, but they won't break you because you are calm and don't care about what they say. And you have your family to support you along the way. Your faith will save you, too, with all these talks and confusions around you. 

  • It will be a reminder that you will never forget the moments you shared, no matter what happens.

It may not be the same spark as the first time you saw each other or hold hands together. But the love you have for them will become eternal as they carry it to wherever they go. They may not be with you forever, but the love you have for them will remain the same. And no one can ever take that away from you even if someone already snatches your heart like a lightning bolt for the second time around, but what you have with that person will remain. Because the connection you had with that person is different from what you will have for your next relationship, you need time to heal fully to accept the new person in your life. They would also be happy to find someone who will love you and take good care of you. 

Falling in love is one magical feeling that you can never understand how it happened and why you love the person. It will come naturally, and the next thing you know, you are already together enjoying life. You face trials and success together. And the greatest challenge of energy that keeps you separated from each other forever. 

Letting go is also part of being in love. You let go of the pain that holds you back to become happy. It would be best if you let go of the thinking that they will come back because they will no longer come back to life. It would help if you accepted what life brought for the both of you and never be afraid of letting go of what needs to let go. Don't forget to love yourself because, in the end, you are the one who will benefit from all this.