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Loneliness is the reason why other people want to take their life. They want to end it because they don't want to feel empty and suffocated with the silence of everything they see. When you are lonely, you will only see the things that your mind wants you to see. And that is the reason why other people wish to see the other side of their life. They want to set themselves from sadness. Some people like to have ashes to glass pendants because they will hold the remains of their loved ones without consuming so much space in the house. 

Thus, it helps them fight the loneliness they feel whenever they are alone. It is the companion they need whenever they feel inside the close box of darkness. Sometimes they feel suffocated by all the thoughts they have in mind. They want to let it out and talk to other people, but they don't start to understand. 

They are drowning themselves in loneliness only to forget that they exist and when they can no longer hold the pain, they would take away their life. People in this state are not just lonely, but they are depressed about what is happening. Losing a loved one is one of the reasons why some people would like to take their life. 

They want to end the agony of missing the people they loved that have already departed. They don't have anybody to talk to about how they feel because they live alone in a different country or different state far away from their family. The feeling of swimming in the deep ocean and you are about to drown. That is what people who are experiencing loneliness and depression do. 

It is not easy to fight the battle of loneliness and depression. Some people take years before they can get over it, and others rely on the medicine they take to feel calm and at peace. People in this kind of situation do not know what is going on with their life. They only know that they are lonely, and they want to get out of that emotion. 

If you know someone who is experiencing loneliness and depression because they lost a loved one, you can talk to them about different things aside from the pain they are going through. It is not easy to start a conversation, but you can try doing it. 

Ask them questions that are not answerable by Yes or No.

It is hard to look for any open-ended questions to ask them, but you can try asking them what's on their minds or how they would define a colour. It may seem lame and a bit childish, but you can start the conversation with these kinds of questions. Anything that is not answerable, yes or no, because when they already answered your question, you no longer have any follow up questions to give them. 

Their answers will be the basis of your following questions. That is why you need to think of questions that catch their interest or make them feel for a longer answer. In that way, you can prolong the conversation and understand them more. 

Be creative in asking questions. 

There are a lot of questions that a person can answer by 'I am fine", 'I am doing well", or ' I am good" these answers pertain to the question of how they are doing. When you ask them this way, they will answer you like this and have a close-ended question. For some, they can go on with another question after this. But if you are only getting started conversing with lonely and depressed people, you need to be creative. 

You can ask this question, "What is your win today?" This question can give you a follow-up question. If they say, "Nothing", then you can ask them, "Why?" and so on. 

Make sure you always have follow-up questions. 

    When you already get hold of the person for a bit of chit-chat, it is your opportunity to talk and ask them how they are doing. It would help if you made sure that the time you have is worthwhile and you will be able to understand and at the same time comfort them with the talks. If you prepare a creative question for the starter, you need to have follow-up questions. 


    Your follow-up questions are the turning point for the person to open up with you about what they are going through. It can be the door you need to help them and understand their emotions inside their hearts. It would help if you made every second count while you were with them. Making sure that they learn from you and you learn from them.

    You need to remember that you need to be sensitive to the questions you are going to ask them because it will make or break your purpose of communicating with them. It would help if you felt the need to ask them specific questions before you say it. Think before you open your mouth.