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Losing a loved one is incomparable to losing a pet. You can never compare the pain and the sadness it gives you when they pass away. But the jewellery for pet ashes will comfort you with the loss of your pet. Though it will replace the things you had with your pet, it will remind you that those memories you shared are long lasting things. 

It is difficult to describe the feeling of losing someone in your life, especially if they are the ones who make you happy. Your pets are one the valuable gifts you ever had in your life, whether they have been given to you or you have gifted it to yourself. They are all precious. And losing them is the part that you can't accept. 

You need to go through with the process of letting go and moving on. It is a challenging part of being a fur parent. It would help if you had a lot of courage to have it done. But you have to endure the pain of missing and longing so you can start new things in life. It will also make your pets so proud of you if you have conquered them. 

When other people say that you can quickly go through the pain because they are just pets, you can ignore them because it is not easy. It is because your pets are part of your family. They may be animals, but the love you have given them does not see if they are, and they have reciprocated the love you have shared. 

After your pets pass, you will still long for their presence, especially when they are the ones who will wake up in the morning. You will miss that routine and smell that they will leave every time they go near you. Doing things that will comfort you will help lessen the grief you have been experiencing. 

You find time to relax. 

Even though your relaxation is your pet, you need to find new ways to relax since they are no longer around to put a smile on your face. You can discover many things as your relaxation, and you will find yourself loving those things. It can also be your beautiful distraction from pain. 

If you are not ready yet, you don't need to force yourself to have it. You can always choose things that make you comfortable while you are in a battle with grief. There is nothing wrong with it. You only need to find time to when and where you are able to have the relaxation you need.

Remember your beloved pet/s.

    Coping is hard, but you need to face it to overcome it. There is no easy way to forget what pain feels like when you have felt it every day of your life. But it would help if you kept on trying to ignore the pain and remember the happy moments. There will always be a time every day that you will remember the moments you had with your pet. 

    It is unavoidable because it is expected. It is fine. We all go through that pace in life. Remember them not because of the pain it causes you, but for the unforgettable memories you have shared with them. It would help if you turned your sorrows into joy. 

    Take a pause

    Taking a pause does not mean you have to stop everything you do, but you have to pause from thinking about pain and loneliness. It would help if you found the joy that left you after the passing of your pet. But before you take a pause, try to slow things at your pace. 

    Try to enjoy the moment and seize the day. Unless you have some clients to run and meet those needs fast phase process, other things you do can wait. You also need to know where and when to pause. 

    Take care of yourself.

    You can't enjoy the life you are sick of. Taking good care of yourself is the biggest priority you have to check on your list. And it would make your pet smile if they have seen you taking care of yourself. It is sometimes good to think of yourself first before others. 

    It would help if you valued yourself on top of everything. It is because you can't have the good life you are planning to have in the future and adopt more pets if you are weakling. Allow yourself to find time to sit down, watch a movie or drink your favourite coffee without rushing.

    Get keepsake jewellery.

    There are only a few people who own keepsake jewellery for their pets. But if you have seen one, they are so proud of telling you the story behind the jewellery they have. It is a unique way to remember your pet without lingering in pain. It will also make you happy since you can customize the designs and add your pet's remains inside or combine them.