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Sharing how you feel about losing a loved one is challenging. It will make you cry and sad at the same time. It is because you are sharing the part of your journey in life that you want to let go. You are opening to other people what you are going through. It can be heartbreaking. But it will help you get through the things you have inside your heart. You have the jewellery to hold ashes with you to accompany you along the way. 

When you talk about the grief along the way, you will either break down. That is why speaking about it with our people sometimes makes us a little bit uncomfortable. When people tell us that we are doing okay in response, we are sharing with them. We sometimes feel that they don't get what we are going through. They don't understand the feeling and the situation we are trying to convey to them. It is normal because we grieve differently, and the way they see things is not the same as how we deal with ours. 

We want to relay to them how we feel when we are in that situation-lost our loved ones. We don't want people to pity us and say things that have something to say, but they don't know what it feels like to be in that situation. We want to make them understand that. We are trying to let them know what we are going through because we think people deserve to understand our behaviour or attitude.

It does not mean that we need their pity. But we want people's understanding of the situation we have. It is because sometimes when you try to share with people your feelings. They will feel pity towards you. They will try to comfort you with words that you already heard from everyone you know. It does mean that you are not grateful for their efforts, but you want to understand your point of view in life now. 

You share your emotions with them because you want to tell them that you are brave to brace the challenges in life and you will overcome them. You may lose a loved one. But life must go on, even if it hurts because you can no longer be with them. You want the people to be inspired to continue the life they have even though they are struggling to survive overcoming grief. 

Speaking to someone about your feelings means sharing half of who you are. You are sharing an important event in your life with other people. These people can be your friend, co-workers, or anyone you feel like deserving to know somehow about you and your life. You can share it with anyone, but some right people will come into your life where you can share your story and make an impact in their lives. 

In sharing about your life, you don't need to force it because when the right people join in your life journey sharing some of your stories, especially on the things that hurt you so bad, like losing a loved one. Words will smoothly come out in your mouth like they are for that person. There are many ways you can encourage people about how you go through the challenges of your life when you are still grieving for your lost loved ones. 

You can write a letter.

    Writing a letter about the things that you want to share with others is a good thing. Aside from not needing to waste your energy talking about it, people can carry the letter anywhere they go. It is a bit classic, but it is a good way of storytelling and inspiring people.

    In today's generation, many people like to read letters that can inspire them. Sharing your journey through letters and uploading it on your social media can help encourage and inspire others who have gone through the same situation as yours. 

    Talk to a friend who needs someone who lost their loved ones too. 

      The best way to inspire other people is to share your journey with your friend who is going through the same situation as you. You can talk to them about how you felt when you first heard or know that you lost your loved one. From then, you can start sharing the things you do while battling with it. You can tell them how you feel about the process of grieving and how you overcome it. 

      The first few people you share your journey in life are your friends, relatives and family members. That is why the things that you have experienced can be an inspiration to other people. And can create a significant impact on their grieving journey. The situation may be the same because you both lost a loved one, but how you deal with your emotions and ways to overcome them are different. But they can learn from you and you to them.